Restaurant Review: Mooki Noodle Power

Ok… So I need to let you know that if you are a Durbanite and you haven’t been to Mooki Noodles on Brand Road then you should move away… So that you never discover it and I can eat all the yummy goodness… Ok, you don’t have to move away, but make sure you try them out… seriously the food is extraordinary! You NEED to go… why? Because Mooki is serious restaurant business…

Now that I’ve set you up like that let me tell you the one bad thing about Mooki… It’s a small, dingy little hole, and I know the owners won’t have a problem with me saying that because it is really small… In fact if Durban had an edition of ‘Diners, Drive-ins and Dives’ then Mookie would be on it… but don’t let the look of the place, or the fact that if you sneeze you might miss it, stop you from visiting. The food more than makes up for the tiny setting… and believe me… I have been back numerous times… that’s how good it is.

Mooki Noodles is SO good that when I took my brother there he decided that it had to be the venue for his birthday celebrations two weeks later. He now gets peeved at me if I go without him!

I’ve tried so many things on their menu and, I’m sorry I don’t have photos but you need to go and try for yourself so that you can see that before the food hits the table it’s inhaled because of its yumminess…
They have one of the most unique menus around, you choose the noodle type you would like, then your protein and thereafter your sauce. So each time you order you could have a completely different dish because of the variation that each change makes.

I definitely recommend the Hambagu, this is a Japanese style hamburger, a delicious hamburger patty made with Panko ( Japanese bread crumbs), it sits on a sublime hash brown that is cooked to perfection, the Hambagu comes with a side of chips and the most perfect tempura onion rings- which are so good that I’ve told them they need to have them by themselves as a started. Have a look at this mouth watering picture…

photo 1The Delish Hambagu, with a friends yakitori pork with ramen in the background.


Two of my go to starters are the chicken spring rolls which are stuffed with chicken and veggies and cooked to a crispy golden brown. The second go to starter is the Panko Chicken, this is tender chicken strips that are served with a yummy dipping sauce, I’m not sure how they are able to make the chicken SO very tender but they do.

A go to main meal is the Yakitori Pork, served with Maifun noodles (the teeny tiny ones like angel hair pasta), this is a great meal, my one complaint but it is very common in Thai/ fusion cooking is that the carbs outweigh the protein and veg. I love slurping up this noodle dish and almost wish I could order it every time. Another great dish is the chilli peanut dish, a slightly spicy satay noodle or rice dish which I think is best with chicken.


photo 2

My favorite (until I try some other delish dish!) the yakitori pork with Maifun noodles.


So why am I tempting you with this yummy food… because it’s so good you shouldn’t miss out… so check out their details below ( they are cosntantly having amazing specials and yummy yummy lunch menu updates) and try Mooki Noodles!

How do you find Mooki?

Address: 190 Brand Road, Glenwood, Durban, South Africa

Phone:031 811 9199



Twitter: @Mookinoodles


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