Essence: Color & Go – #149 Hello Marshmallow!

So I’m a huge fan of Essence cosmetics (and big sister Catrice too), and have bought tonnes of Essence products and nail polishes but I have yet to do a review or Mani-Monday on an Essence nail polish so here we go…

As I’ve mentioned several times I suck at sitting around waiting for my nails to dry. Michelle (from Ordinary Misfit) is putting in an order for me for a quick drying top coat so that I can change my smudged nail ways.

Anyway on to the nail polish… # 149 Hello Marshmallow!, I adore this color it is a light pastel/ lavender color with a slight blue glitter undertone (I found that the blue glitter didn’t show up in my manicure). It is stunning and I’ve had so many compliments on my nails – in fact a friend has ‘booked’ using my nail polish for her next manicure. On a side note; on the Essence website they show a glittery purple color this is not the same color as this one – supposedly this is the original and that is a edition of it.

IMG_6265Essence #149: Hello Marshmallow

I used my usual base coat of Tip Top strengthening B/C earlier on in the day and so when I sat down to finish my nails I simply painted three thin coats of nail polish . I’m finding that using a base coat earlier on in the day instead of when you are painting your nails makes a noticeable difference in drying time – Bonus for me!

The first coat of polish I literally ‘scrapped’ all of the polish off the brush before I painted my nails thereafter, I did two more coats that were slightly thicker. I waited for the last coat to dry slightly before painting the next coat – I know some people say that you should actually do a double coat on wet nails but that just doesn’t work for me. The formula for this polish was great, the first two coats were slightly streaky because of how thin they were but the third coat sorted out that problem.IMG_6264How pretty is this color!

The brush for this polish is the new styled curved brush that Essence has made, it’s great and evenly coats both sides of your nail as well as the center. Once I had finished my three coats of polish and let them dry for some time I noticed that I was getting a few bubbles in my polish, which was rather strange. I thought this was perhaps from the base coat but was unsure, once I applied the top coat this seems to clear up the issue.

I must say I’m super proud of my nails this week, this gorgeous pastel shade reminds me of My Little Ponies and unicorns… I love it! And… I have manage to not have a single fault with my nails after painting them, a true miracle in my books. My nails feel so smooth and soft with this polish on and I really wish that this was how my nails felt all the time.

So how much wear did I get out of them? I painted my nails on Monday evening and they lasted from Monday to Wednesday without chipping. Then on Wednesday Charlie at work made my nail chip! So I went and painted that nail again…  As we all know I’m heavy on my hands so the fact that this stayed on my nails as long as it did I’m happy. I wish that this was how my nails looked and felt every day or better yet that my nail painting came out like this each time!


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