27 Pinkx Durban Launch

So I mentioned in this post about how I had been drooling over the beautiful products from 27Pinkx and how absolutely excited I was to be invited to the Durban launch of all the products.


The launch happened at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Umhlanga, This ladies (and gents) is one of the premier hotels in Durban, it is literally spitting distance from the beautiful Umhlanga beach and has the most wonderful view over the Umhlanga Lighthouse. I was at an event at the Beverly Hills last year and they really know how to treat their patrons well, this would explain why Heads of State as well as the Rich and Famous spend their time at this wonderful hotel.

IMG_6218How amazing is this view, this was at about 17:20PM!

After a bit of a mix up with the venues, we met the lovely Daniella from Bush Telegraph Publicity downstairs in the Elements Bar and were greeted by yummy canapes, and tasty tasty sweet treats, if that wasn’t enough we were then treated to some delish thin based pizzas a little later on in the evening. We were then introduced to Khatija Ahmed, Khatija and her sister, Anjum (who unfortunately wasn’t there) are the ‘brains and faces’ behind 27Pinkx, the goal that they had in launching their company was to bring Hollywood glamor to the South African make-up scene.

IMG_6244I love this venue, the Beverly Hills really knows how to spoil a person.

The evening was uber relaxed with some great time catching up with the Durban blogger girls as well as meeting some of the other Durban bloggers. As we arrived you were presented with the beautiful products from 27Pinkx, the perspex organizers, brush kits, and stunning make-up pallets, we were told to make ourselves at home with the products and to ask any questions that we had. A few of us tried the palettes to see which options best suited our skin, to check the blend-ability, shimmer and if you can build the color, these palettes are great, very shimmery (which I love) and they have great staying power. I’m definitely going to be looking at purchasing one of these in the future.  The girls have created a range which suits most if not all skin tones and can be used for several different looks including natural day time looks and dramatic smokey eyed night time looks.

What I have loved as I’ve gone through the 27Pinkx website is the variety in these products, I’ve been incredibly envious of everyone’s posts/ photos on Instagram and Twitter of the storage options and the palettes are amazing, I also love that 27Pinkx are importing the Ciate range of nail polishes and I can’t wait to try some of those. I for one, love the lipstick stand but I hardly ever wear lipstick so it would be wasted on me. I think that instead of purchasing one of the set drawer units that I will get the separate drawers as I would be able to use these anywhere in my room or bathroom.

The perspex Luxury and Mini organizer, the brushed and brush holder, brush kit & bag, lipstick Stand and three of the gorgeous palettes

High-end and Naughty Nudes Eye Shadow palette, the Blush, Bronzer & Highlighter palette and the Lip palette

We were all very blessed in that 27Pinkx gave us their brush set for us to try, I can’t wait to try mine… I’ve been looking for a good brush set but couldn’t bare to trust international shipping with it. As we all know that the one item that should be the best quality you can buy is your brushes, these brushes are high quality and assist in getting that professional looking makeup. In the range is everything from foundation brush to powder, blush and eye-shadown bruses. The kit is made up of two types of brushes 1. synthetic bristles and 2. natural bristles out of pony hair (it is so super soft!). I’m saving these for a day when I need wonderful makeup straight from word go… naaah! I’ll use them in a few days to give them a try.

IMG_6245Our gift from the evening.

Please go have a look at the website, you will find something for everyone and a price range for every budget. The product are all of a very high quality AND shipping is free(!), not many sites offer this much value for money while making your make-up look more glam.


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