Mani Monday – Kangol Leather Effect

So this week after having my nail be attacked by the IEC Voting marker and  it ruining my nail for goodness knows how long, I decided that the best nail polish for this week would be something that covers the horrible ink mark and thus I choose to finally use the leather effect from Kangol.

I bought this polish kit in December as part of my present to myself – this past December I had a LOT of presents to myself for some reason… shopping makes me happy okay! I spotted it in the Kangol shop in Gateway and knew that I had to have it along with the Feather Effect and the nail tattoos (which I can’t wait to use!). I think I paid around R80- R120 for the kit which includes the nail polish, nail glue, diamante skulls and cuticle sticks. I really wanted to wear the polish without using the nail decorations so this time I have just used the polish and will use the jewels another time.


I know most people don’t like it but I love having weird and wonderful effects on my nails, liquid sand is great and this leather effect is as well. The texture of this is a lot smoother than the liquid sand so I’m sure that if you didn’t like liquid sand you would like this. I painted my normal Tiptop nail strengthening base coat and then followed the instructions on the box for the leather effect;

  • Paint one thin coat of Kangol Leather Effect Nial polish over your base coat
  • Wait two minutes for the coat to dry
  • Paint a second coat of Kangol Leather Effect Nail Polish and wait for the texture to appear.
  • Once your nails are dry place the nail jewel where you would like it on your nail. Apply some glue to the back and stick it down.
  • Use the cuticle stick to spread extra glue under the corners of the nail jewel.
  • Let nails/ glue dry.

As mentioned I didn’t use the nail jewel this time but I decided to paint a top coat over my nails,  I love having nails that shine and  unlike with Liquid Sand  (which is ruined by painting a top coat over it) the top coat over the leather effect really worked nicely. The texture was still noticeable, the top coats shine made the nails look like they had differing effects and colors in different lights. I wanted to see if the nail effect felt like real leather so I  sat stroking my nails and our leather lounge suite to see… and although real leather is softer it was so similar!

I spent the weekend away and I managed to keep my nails pretty chip free from Wednesday afternoon till Saturday until it came to having fun at Wild Waves at the Wild Coast Sun on Sunday and packing up the car etc. I somehow managed to rip an entire finger’s nail polish clean off my fingers twice, It was though after 4 days wear and about 4-5 hours sitting in water! I also think that the base coat had started peeling a bit as well as my upper nail layer as I managed to chip some nails.

I had two problems with this nail polish:

  1. My brush for the polish was a bit stiff almost like some polish may have previously dried on it and then been placed back into the bottle (a quick clean of the brush should solve this problem)
  2. The smell as this is a slightly more vinyl based polish it smells a little more chemically when you are painting your nails, thankfully once the mixture is on your nails there is no smell so that doesn’t put me off too much. (if you want to know what it smells like, those polyurethane leather packs you get from Verimark/ Glomail is a good example.)

So did I love it or hate it? I loved it, I love that with texture nail polishes you can have a chip or a blotch and barely even know that it is there, It also is very comforting to stroke and feel the texture on your nails. It also doesn’t stain your nails when you use a base coat which is a really big plus for me!



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