Anna-Lousie Sleep Wear

“Always wear amazing sleepwear, you never know who you might meet in your dreams”

At the wonderful #DBNBloggerMeet (which I touched on previously here) we were fortunate enough to get the mother-load of goodie bags… I know I mentioned it in the previous post, but seriously this goodie bag was a winner… In the goodie bag protected by tissue paper and wrapped up with ribbon and a pink printed business card was our beautiful Anna-Louise Sleep Wear.

When we booked our place for the meet we were instructed to answer a few questions to make our goodie bags more personal. Well one of those questions was our clothing size and believe me I squealed when I found out we were getting Anna-Louise Sleep Wear in our bags. I have lusted after this uber soft, completely luxurious range since I first saw it at iHeart Market, it then popped up at an open day and I would be lying to say that I didn’t use the wonderful soft cotton to caress my cheek… I know that’s creepy… and that’s also why you should wash all your clothes before wearing them…

Now for those of you who haven’t heard about Anna-Louise here is a little about them;

Anna-Louise Sleepwear is a luxury sleepwear collection that is designed and made locally in South Africa.
Our Sleepwear is a farewell to those big baggy nighties and a welcome to beautiful and stylish sleepwear.
Nothing beats taking a long bath at the end of a busy day and dressing up in something comfortable and lovely.

Now even that little splurb (yes, I’m sure that’s the word for that little write-up above there) sounds like a hug from a giant comfortable monster of love, and believe me each of the products that I have sneakily rubbed against my cheek have been worthy of that cheek rub. I’m honestly just going to pull photo’s form the official website because there is no way I can do my little gift justice…

Vanilla Photography    How gorgeous is this color! These outfits can be customized for your special occasions…

Anyway…  as a person of a more substantial size who battles to find clothes that fit correctly, I thought about rather getting my mother or a friends size and giving them the sleep wear as a present, I’m  so glad I didn’t! Anna-Louise sent me an XL cotton bottoms from their Christmas collection and they are awesome! They fit really well, they are divinely soft, they are luxurious and I wish I had ten pairs just like them. It’s these one’s below… how gorge are they… they simply look ethereal on this model.

Christmas-Collection-20121-1024x680These are my ones… aren’t they so pretty!

I love them, they are super comfy, they fit so well, they are super special but I have one slight problem with the pants, they are rather see through… lets be real these are pj’s so a bit see through is fine, but when you want to lounge around the house till 5pm on your off day, just chilling in your jammies this may pose a problem when other people walk in…  But heck… they are awesome and I’m wearing them anyway.

Vanilla Photography

I super love this color too and was only a little jealous that I didn’t get these jammies…

Ok, so Anna-Louise has literally just released their Winter 2014 collection and it is stunning… I love that they have long shirts and the  florals, my fav is the red/pink floral below. They have also added in a range for men… yes ladies, your men can now be as snazzily dressed for bed as you are! P.s. Brides to be they also have uploaded the latest Wedding Collection

Bk7difxCUAEFCVJ.jpg largeBe sure to check out Anna-Louise on here. Details and prices are all on the website and they constantly are making me jealous of all the lucky people getting their sleepwear from their Twitter (@ALSleepwear).


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