Mani- Monday: BB for Clicks

I got an awesome Delish box from Emy and hidden inside were four of the cutest little nail polishes. Now, I’m a sucker for anything cute, mini, shiny, or packaged nicely and these were all of the above.

As usual I did a base coat of TipTop nail hardening base coat the day before I painted my nails (this seemed to work well the last time and cut down on my drying time by loads too… You know me and drying time…oh and yay for me… Three weeks of painted nails! Without drying smudges!!


I choose to use the gold foil, or at least I thought it was foil, it is actually a very very light glitter. The first coat was incredibly sheer and I thought this might be the polish to need three coats but wohoo(!) in two coats my nails were perfect! I then over laid the big gold glitter polish in the set on my ring finger, just for some kapow and pizzazz, a girls gotta have a little pizZazz right?

Ok, formulas… The gold ‘foil/glitter’ is great, the coats are nice and thin and dry easily. The big glitter on the other hand is thick and squidgy and everything it’s sister polish is not…
As these bottles are mini (6ml) they have an รผber tiny brush but looks can be deceiving, this brush spread the polish well with even strokes, I can’t tell you if the polish was streaky as these foil/fine glitter polishes are GREAT for covering problems or smudges as they are so sparkly… You know how glittery things distract… ๐Ÿ˜‰

As usual the test was how long the polish lasts through my week…
After painting my nails on Monday I had a slight tear in the tip of my one nail by Tuesday and my previously broken thumb nail tore the polish on my left thumb by the Wednesday. On Thursday I had two large noticeable chips in my right hand nails, one from my nail actually peeling beneath the nail polish and the other from who knows what!?!? By Friday I had peeled an entire nail off after it started rising and got caught on something tearing through the polish.

I like the colour of this polish as it is so light it is almost more of a nude glitter/foil than the gold color that’s shows in the bottle. I think these are great little polishes, perfect for a few days wear or a special night out.
Other than those slight problems (which were more with my nails than with the polish). I’ll be on the look-out for a few more. ๐Ÿ™‚



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