Woolworths – Makeup Fixing Spray


So I’ve seen so many Beauty Bloggers posting about Mac Fix + and thought that there was no way that I was going to pay the amount it is to purchase it because the reviews have been SO very varied. Some people love it and use it religiously, some people don’t notice a difference in it and other people see it for what it is… chemicals and water in a spray bottle.

I happened to be in Woolworths a while back and saw that they’ve brought out their own ‘fixing’ spray. Now I ‘grew-up’ as a dramatic-y, creative child and so did several shows in school and beyond, and I’ve always been taught that a spray of hairspray will set your makeup for hours… #stagemakeuptricks and so I have sprayed a light layer of hairspray over my makeup whenever I have had an important event, wedding, show, or whenever I would like my makeup to last longer than usual.

The Woolworths spray is a “lightly fragranced setting spray with a blend of chamomile flower extract and cucumber juice to condition the skin. A perfect combination to lock your makeup in place.”
Basically the spray is a combination of Aqua aka good old H-2-O, glycerine, oils and extracts that you use to ‘lock’ your makeup in place. The fragrance is very light and thankfully it doesn’t stay on your skin so it doesn’t disturb your perfume choice for the day.

I’ve used the spray a few times when I feel like I’ve caked my make up on, as it is a water and glycerine based spray I end up with a glossy complexion and I feel like I don’t look cakey anymore. My one ‘beef’ with the product is that everytime I seem to spray too much in line with my eyelashes so I get a slight weepy mascara mark on my under eye lid… #notcool. I have learnt that it is wise to spray your face from a distance so that it doesn’t ruin your mascara.

Ok so do I notice a difference when using it? Well I do notice that it softens my ‘too cakey’ make up when I feel like I’ve applied a little too much, but I’m not sure if I would say that it makes my makeup last longer. I’ve found the best use for it has actually been for events, after I’ve sprayed my light hairspray coat to spray this to freshen up my look. For the R68 that I paid for it I think that it’s satisfactory, I’ve seen a few posts where people have made their own fixing sprays using distiller water, glycerine and essential oils so I think that might be a good thing to try once this product runs out.


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