Mani-Monday: Sinful Colors – Truth or Dare

So for a fourth consecutive week I had stunningly painted nails that I hadn’t managed to ruin and let me just say this one is a winner.

I noticed a few weeks ago that I have lots of nail polishes in pinks, yellows, even a few greens and blues but no burgundy color. I had been saving up my clicks club card vouchers and had R110 – I honestly felt rich! I knew that I wanted to get a little something for my nails with this voucher so I checked out the nail polishes at my local Clicks and saw Sinful Colors: Truth or Dare. #love

I love love love this color and after the success I had with Pistache I knew I needed to wear this first thing. This color is a cross between a pink plum and a burgundy creme, and I had the best nail MUA (Make-up Academy) beads to go with this color.

Let me tell you this formula is pretty much a one coat polish, it’s beautiful! It goes on without streaking and smooth as silk. Drying time is quick quick and I’m loving having this on my nails.

The polish lasted ages (+4 days) on my nails but unfortunately a whole bunch of my nails broke shortly thereafter… Not fun and I definitely had grumpy face for a few days afterward.
This polish is definitely a winner, if you see it in Clicks be sure to snap it up because it’s great.

Can you see the massive rip in my nail. There was no hope!

Oh and a quick tip… When using micro beads on your nails don’t cover them with a top coat as this dulls the colors of the beads. These beads are wonderful bright colors but because of the top coat they are more muted.


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