Essence: Me & My Ice Cream trend Edition

So Essence announced in December/ January that there was to be a new Trend edition launched some time in the year named: Me & my Ice Cream. Now firstly this trend edition has the most gorgeous pastel colors, and I knew I needed the shimmer pearls the moment I saw them. The pastel colors in this edition are not so great for our autumn weather… but Durban only has two seasons: hot and not so hot so it should suit the coastal lifestyle just fine.

I  will admit I had been stalking the Essence stands for this edition since it was announced, Michelle at Ordinary Misfit and Hildegarde at Suzy Q Tip were too… and so the shop stalking campaign started and as soon as it was in stores the inevitable tweet was sent… and all the Durbanites moved… and thereafter the JHBurgers found it in their stores.


I admit that even though the entire collection is absolutely beautiful (Michelle already has a blog post on the polishes) I was only interested in the gorgeous pastel colored shimmer pearls. I’ve read several places that these are a dupe for Guerlain Meteorites which I’m not sure if we get in South Africa. From what I can seem online and in photos the Essence shimmer pearls seem to have more of an obvious shimmer where as the Meteorites are slightly more chalky.

A girl can never shimmer too much though (although if you end up looking like a twinkling vampire al a Edward then there is a problem). So when a friend  (Hi Natalie!) told me the collection was in the Pavilions Clicks on a Sunday… I said buy! She graciously bought me the shimmer pearls of my dreams… and I avoided spending too much money on more than I wanted.

Edit 2

So I’ve had a bit of time to try out the shimmer in my daily make up regime, and I love it. It is an incredibly light shimmer and is simply just an accent to be used very lightly. On the first day I tried the shimmer pearls I actually had to ask Natalie if she could see them as I thought I had applied the shimmer too lightly, she said she could but that it was very light (the plan… remember we don’t want to sparkle but mearly glow)

After reading what a few people have said about the shimmer pearls I think the wisest advice that people give is to not use the shimmer pearls on areas where you don’t want attention drawn to. I like these pearls, they add some extra pizzaz and when used wisely compliment your makeup well. I would definitely recommend them and if they stay on the market they will probably become a firm staple in my make up regime.


2 thoughts on “Essence: Me & My Ice Cream trend Edition

  1. I love this post! I just did a review on the babylips Original and Dr Rescue line & also did a MUA lipstick review! It would mean alot if you could check it out or maybe follow me. You have a really lovely blog! xx Hatice

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