Mani Monday: Sinful Colors – Pistache

I have loved this color ever since I saw Michelle from Ordinary Misfit post a picture of her nails with it on. Let me just say though that I am a sucker for anything that is pistachio flavored or colored… I would eat ten Kgs of pistachios in a go if I could!
So I asked Michelle what nail polish she was using and the name and hunted it down… This took about a month because for some reason my local Clicks hardly ever carries good colors in the Sinful Colors range.


I eventually have gotten round to painting my nails and if you read last weeks Mani Moday post you’ll know my habit is painting my nails late at night on a Saturday… I’ve dodged the bullet again… Wahhoooo!!  It’s Monday and I started painting my nails at 5:30!! Wohooo! Nails that are dry before bed time!

I  did a base coat of TipTop Nail hardener base coat, two coats of Pistache and a top coat. I could have gotten away with a single coat of Pisatache if I had painted it on thicker because the formula is great. It is a quick drying, smooth consistency with very little streaking. I absolutely love this green and only once did my clothing choice clash with it and that was only because I was on a sick day and spent the day in gym clothes.

I have to say if all Sinful Colors nail polishes are made up of this same formula then we would never need to use another nail polish again! I find myself wishing that the brush was slanted like my Bourjois brush I spoke about last week, but hey… If it has everything going for it there would be nothing that needed improvement and it possibly would be too good to be true.

I think the biggest question when it comes to nail polish is ‘how long does it last?’Well my picture below is on day two and there is a slight tear just below the cuticles on my pinky finger and only because I managed to paint my top coat up on top of my cuticle instead of below it. It is now four days and in and aside from one slight chip and some wear damage to the tips this nail polish has lasted surprisingly well, I mean I even had a bread baking class this week where my beautiful fingers intermingled with some gorgeous dough and it didn’t budge! I do also have one slight tear in the left thumb but that is simply because the nail has actually broken and so the nail polish couldn’t stand up to the pressure of a broken nail.

IMG_5699Would I buy this nail polish again? Yes, Yes, Yes. In fact I need to try get a few more Sinful Colors polishes to see if they are all like this, because if it is then I may just be sold on the greatness! Sinful Colors retails at Clicks for under R40, which given this formula is well worth it.


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