I was so Excited to be a part of the #DBNbloggermeet that happened on Saturday. In fact I was so lucky that Nicola contacted me on Twitter to ask me if I would like to go because I missed the initial twitter invite… So thankfully Nicola messaged me and asked, put me on the waiting list and then the next day I was on! Whew! I could have missed out big time.

Firstly a BIG, Humungous, gigantic, impossibly large, thank you and shout out to Nicola, Verushka and Michelle for all their hard work and another big… (insert large adjectives above here)… to the wonderful sponsors, there were masses of them!

So where did all the awesomeness go down? Hashtag Durban is a relatively new rastaurant in the old Bean Bag Bohemia premises, and it is a social media/ tweeter/ hipsters dream complete with the best #selfiezone in the bathroom for all your urgent selfie taking needs… For more about them be sure to read my post here

#Selfie zoneMe in the selfie zone… excuse the super weird look on my face!

Oh and how’s this for amazing, we knew there would be a goodie bag, but we never imagined everything that there would be… When we arrived there were cupcakes from Philosophia Botanica, Madame Macaron  and Smiths Bakeshop on the tables, mints and the coolest stylus pen from Blink as well as Coo-ee soft drinks and some Zomato goodies… That was all before each one of us won a prize (!) AND the meal AND the goodies bag! Whew!

Table TreetsDelish goodies on arrival

Because our venue and food was sponsored our R50 cover charge was able to all go to the chosen charity, Kitten Action. Mandy was at the Meet to enlighten us to what Kitten Action does, how we can support and much more. We sent Mandy away with R1250 towards Kitten Action and another great plus all of us bloggers were asked to bring some kitten food to the event, this would then be to the Kitten Action team! If you would like to know more about supporting Kitten Action have a look here.

We were also spoken to by Brett of Frys Family Foods, what a privileged guys getting to chat to 25 ladies. Brett wasn’t encouraging us to all turn vegetarians but was encouraging us to make simple changes in our lives to eat less meat, and more plants. The statistics and figures are scary, no seriously they are, we as humans rely too much on animals for protein when there are other options. Brett encouraged us to get involved in #MeatfreeMondays to start us off. My family loves Fry’s foods and when I opened my goodie bag with Brett hinted had a few goodies in it, my father nearly ran off with the items!

We also had the girls from Lenovo chatting to us about the new Lenovo Yoga tablet, this little gizmo is impressive and looks super HOTT. It’s super well designed with a roll bar for convenient carrying and for switching between the tilt and stand modes. We had such fun tweeting what we would do to win one of these tablets and Lenovo were so amazing that they threw in a second tablet as another prize! Two tablets! 😮
Well done to Kerri and Nazneen for winning! Oh and in case you want to know how powerful a group of 25 girls tweeters is… We got #LoveyourLenovo and #DBNbloggermeet trending on Twitter…



Our Speakers: Mandy (Kitten Action), the Lenovo girls, The Fry’s Guy

After the talks and a few prizes we were told that pizza is on the menu, and not just any pizza but build my our own pizza!! So three lucky winners were able to use the Hashtag tablets to put their Pizza order straight through to the kitchen, what a great way to order pizza! Thankfully the pizzas came out relatively quickly because I was ready to tackle other people for the additional cupcakes that were on our tables… The pizza’s were delish, freshest of fresh ingredients, yummy yummy protein choices, crispy bases and BACON (Sorry Fry’s Guy!) for pudding the chocolate chilli spring roll was out of this world… No really it was good… I will be going back just for that!

Faeema & the TabletFaeema and the Pizza ordering Tablet

Okay, before I go into the goodie bag and get to ALL the thank you’s how about we look at my prize… There were so many different prizes and I’m so happy to see that some of them ended up with the exact person who would love them and use them the most! There were hampers from Rain Africa, The Body Shop, A New Weigh, REN, Synergy Hair and Maybelline. I’m so happy that I won the maybelline hamper and although I would have loved the Davines hamper from Synergy Hair the Maybelline hamper is so my style. P.s. I joked with Faeema the entire time that she keeps winning stuff that I should be winning… WELL she got the Davines hamper….

After lunch and before pudding we were told to completely clear our tables so that the goodie bags could be bought out, we’ll let me just say when Michelle tweeted saying she couldn’t get the goodies bags in her car, I kinda believe her now… They were HUGE! And ….
WOWOWOWOWOWOW! seriously there is such wonderful and numerous products and I’m going to be popping out a few reviews sometime soon, so keep an eye out…

Anyway, Nicola, Verushka and Michelle started bringing out the goodie bags and let me tell you those things were heavy so I’m not sure how their biceps were feeling after carrying them all in to us… Sore, I’m sure is the answer… Upon getting our bags none of us could really believe it, they were huge! In fact I decided that I wasn’t really going to look through my bag because I was afraid my brain would shut down at the awesomeness, I then wouldn’t be able to repack it and I would probably break something and cry… But the girls had other plans… After a few sneak peeks they asked us if we had gotten to the very bottom of our bag… Thinking there was another prize or surprise or super secret one person gets an additional something I braved getting to the bottom… And bang! Are you kidding me?

Goodie Bag in BagHow big is this goodie bag????

Le Creuset cappuccino cup and saucer sets for everyone! I’m sorry what!?!?!?! That super expensive, uber lovely, item of kitchen goodness that fills most girls dreams was in our bag… Jaw dropping awesomeness… And so my beautiful aqua blue cups are sitting in their box (so I don’t break them) waiting for a tea and coffee party to be used.

SPONSORS – Thank you again!

  IMG_5695Some of our amazing goodies
P.s. Stay tuned for more posts and reviews from these wonderful sponsors!

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