#DBNbloggermeet Restaurant Review: Hashtag

So most people will have seen the frenzy that was #DBNblogger meet, we literally dominated Twitter on Saturday with two trending topics on the Trending Lists. Well now it’s down to the nitty-gritty of what happened at Hashtag, the latest roughly a month old, hippest, most happening place on Lilian Ngoyi Rd (previously Windemere Rd) in fact Hashtag has taken over the premises of the legend-wait-for-it-diary Beanbag Bohemia.

In central Durban Hashtag is a stylish restaurant and cocktail bar which plays off the latest social media trends, I mean have you seen the #SelfieZone in the bathrooms?? They also have an awesome Absolute Vodka cocktail bar as you walk in the doors, it looks like there should be ice sculptures and Russian models in fur bikinis on the bar shooting Absolute right out of the bottle.

There is an upstairs to the restaurant but unfortunately I was so wrapped up in the Blogger world and chatting that I didn’t get to have a peek… This venue offers comfort and class all while feeling like the world is at your finger tips…



On to the food… Well if you are a Groupon addict you would have seen that hashtag had an incredible special on their pizzas recently and darn, I wish I had snapped a few of those offers up! The pizzas are great! But the menu is incredible, create-your-own pizza, pasta and burgers! Jaw dropping delicious ingredients that are über fresh! And the best of all is you can order your pizza using their nifty little Samsung tablets!!

We each had a pizza, mine was bacon and avo… And it came chock full of each, just how I like it. The base Delish, thin and crispy perfection… The pizzas are well sized and the medium more than filled me as I bought half of it home!



For pudding we had a choice… A Banana and fudge spring roll with vanilla Ice cream or a chocolate and chilli spring roll with chocolate Ice cream. Let me just say yum yum pigs bum! I had the chocolate and chilli spring roll and even though the Ice cream was nothing to write home about the spring roll definitely was! It was just the right amount of hot chilli an the perfect chocolatey creamy goodness… In fact I reckon Hashtag should start selling shooter glasses made out of cookies with this divine chocolate goodness in them… Oh great and wonderful peeps at Hashtag… If you do put this on the menu please may I have them free for life for giving you the idea?? 😉

You might be thinking well this was an event things always run smoothly at events, wrong, wrong, wrong! If you’ve ever done an event you’ll know things never run smoothly there are ALWAYS, ALWAY, ALWAYS problems and changes and last minute issues to deal with… Now let me say one thing about being a guest at Hashtag, if any of these issues were going wrong, we never knew about it. The staff were prompt, helpful and attentive, the chef came to check how our food was and even bade us farewell as we were leaving. We pretty much took over the restaurant and left it a little worse for wear and there was never anything but a smile, a wave and a ‘see you again!’

Well yes, Hashtaggies (what I call the staff working there), you will see me again so get the dough rising, the bacon crossing and the chocolate and chilli flowing!!

As a partial disclaimer let me just say that Hashtag were amazingly generous and sponsored all of the food and drink items that we had at the event. This generosity by no means tainted my view of how yummy the food was or my thoughts on the restaurant, in fact I had been wanting to try Hashtag and would now happily go back and buy each item I had again and again.



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