Mani-Monday: Bourjois: 10 days Anti-Choc No Chips Nail polish

So I mentioned last week that I would be back for Mani-Monday this week and here I am… YAY!

So I usually have the urge to paint my nails at about 9:30pm on a Saturday night, and so my nails usually by the next morning have a wonderful hair or material impression in them – depending on how I sleep… yip… I’m not the brightest of nail polish painters in the world… and it doesn’t seem to matter what drying technique I use… staying up late so they ‘fully’ dry, nail drops, nail sprays, trying to cure them under a UV light… nothing seems to work… I just need to learn to get the nail painting bug a bit earlier…

Anyway, with the above admission please be proud of me as I managed to paint my nails at a reasonable hour – 6:30pm on a Saturday which gave me approximately 17 million hours before going to sleep for my nails to dry…


I used my new Burjois 10 day Anti- Choc, no chip nail polish that I received in a #Delishbox from Cupcake Mummy… and I must admit, in my #Delishbox that I sent her i included the Dusty pink color and I think she got 5 or so days wear chip free… I can’t remember exactly so feel free to correct me.

Firstly let me touch on the color of this polish, it’s number 16 in the range and unfortunately they don’t have names. The polish also looks a lot lighter in the bottle and has a beautiful gold shimmer through it. Unfortunately the gold shimmer doesn’t really translate onto your nails and the color comes out a red, coral, orange, pink mix on your nails. I got a lot of compliments on the color at work and so will definitely be wearing it again.

The formula of this polish is great, it is a pro-silicium formula which acts as a protective barrier to protect your nails from chipping and makes them stronger at the same time. The brush is amazing, it’s an angled brush which makes touch-ups a dream but also makes painting super easy, the three one nail paint techniques becomes a one to two stoke technique with this brush. The drying time is also really good, I didn’t end up with any ‘sleep-induced’ textures as mentioned above.


So I did one coat of tiptop hardening base coat, two coats of the Bourjois nail polish and then a top coat, this all dried in an impressive amount of time and my nails did feel stronger. I was extremely hard on my nails this week to see how long this polish would last and if it would live up to its 10 day promise… the day after I polished my nails I scrubbed them with a super hard nail brush to remove any remaining nail polish that shouldn’t have been there, I typed super hard on my keyboard, worked through files, cut veggies (I’m constantly accidentally denting nail polish with my uber sharp knives) and on Monday afternoon I peeled two pomegranates – and if you know anything about peeling pomegranates it is constant picking and juice and my hands were still stained the next day…  By Monday afternoon I had one teeny tiny chip, by Tuesday I had two… And so on, in fact the tiny little chips I had didn’t really become noticeable until Thursday and so I gave the chipped nails an extra coat of polish.

After that touch-up with the super slangy brush my nails did look too thickly polished, possibly because that was coat number five! I thereafter took the nail polish off on Friday afternoon so that I could have clean finger nails for the #DBNbloggermeet.


So my final verdict? This is a great nail polish, in fact I’m super tempted to get more simply because if I’m able to get five days of wear out of a polish I’m happy. I also really am impressed by the brush, the angle of the brush makes painting your nails so much simpler and I’m all about simple. For the R40-55 that you pay for these polishes they are very very worth it.


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