Hi everyone… or anyone who is reading… just a note to say Hi, let you know that I haven’t fallen off the blogging face of the world and that I’m still posting.

Hello World

Currently I’m testing a Bourjois nail polish which promises 10 days of chip free wear… So I will have a manicure Monday post up next week. So far I’m on day 2 1/2 and I have one slight chip but I’ve purposefully been super hard on my nails. And don’t worry I have a bunch of stuff that I’m testing out and working with to bring you honest reviews.

Unfortunately I missed out on the Rubybox Girls Night which was this past weekend but from what I saw on my Twitter feed everyone seemed to have a wonderful time.

I’m super excited for the #DurbanBloggerMeet that’s happening this weekend, with sponsors like Anna-Louise Sleepwear and Uber Durban and I’m sure many many more I know we are going to be in for a treat… So keep your eyes peeled for a post or two relating to that. And A big shout out to Nicola, Verushka and Michelle who have been the organizing bunnies behind the meet!

Other than that my brother is in China so I’m hoping for a little something that I wouldn’t be able to get here as a pressie… You know China, a step ahead of the game… He also keeps posting pictures of weird and wonderful Chinese foods… Like live frogs and strange looking waffles.

So That’s whats going on… in a nut shell…



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