Afro’s Chicken – Durban Beach Front

So I joined a group on Facebook that has reviews of various restaurants around Durban. The group is all kinds of awesome and terrible at the same time… It is seriously drama central. People troll, joke, try their luck at other topics and turn into grammar nazi’s… It’s honestly so bad that I’m not sure if I would write a review of any restaurant… In fact I did do a small one and then deleted it because I didn’t want to have a million mean things said about me.

Anyway back to Afro’s, I heard about Afro’s Chicken from this page and thought I should try it. It is a tiny container that is situated just before Addington Hospital on the beach front… now if you’re from Durban you are already thinking what kind of a restaurant is situated by Addington, a public hospital?? Well a surprisingly very good one…

A friend and I decided to try Afro’s this about two weeks ago and we were both very very impressed. We ordered a Burger n chips tjips and a burger n slaw. The chicken is perfection, many people have said that the hardest things to get perfectly are the simplest things to do… These guys seem to have cooking tender juicy chicken into an art form. The chicken is soft and delicious, it is charred to perfection as it is cooked on a fire grill and not a flat top, the best part about it is that it is a chicken breast and not a chicken mince patty, so you know there are no added breadcrumbs or extenders.

It’s served in a delicious Portuguese (or if you’re in my family pork-n-cheese) roll with lettuce and tomato. Your choice of sauce either Hot (peri peri) or Koel (lemon) are delicious additions. We went for a 50/50 mix of the sauce which had enough to cause spicy lip tingles and plenty of slurpy lemony goodness. The chips are incredible… twice fried with their skin on, and there is no skimping or short-cuts on those crispy golden fries, the coleslaw is also absolute perfection, instead of being a strong mayonnaise base it is based more on vinegar which accentuates all the flavors in the burger, we in fact added our slaw to our burger for a mind blowingly delicious meal. The burger and tjhips or stips and tjips are R36, add another R9 for a cool drink.

photo 2 photo 3Our delish Chicken burger and tjips and Chicken burger and Slaw.

So I then went to Afro’s again the following Sunday with my mother and brother. Afro’s has received a LOT of publicity, it was in the food section of both the Friday and the Sunday paper, and so with good publicity comes the crowd… We thankfully ordered quite quickly and managed to find seats on the bench but a lot more seating is needed for the busier times over the weekend. I ordered the strips and tjips while the rest of the family ordered burgers, two 50/50 mix and one lemon ‘koel’. As with any establishment that has a crowd there was a slight wait for the food, and it was incredibly tempting to steal the table before us’ food when it walked by. Upon getting our order there was a minor mistake where I was served a burger instead of strips, that was sent back and promptly replaced with the custom cardboard box serving of strips and tjips, and it was a delicious choice. The chicken again was tendered, well sauced and blackened just enough to feel like a braai (BBQ for those who aren’t South African).

The family didn’t seem to blown away by the food, but I think one of the main reasons why was because the tjips weren’t the crispy, twice fried, pieces of gold like the previous time I had visited. I hope that this is sorted out and that Afro’s learns to juggle crowds and orders, because I have no problem waiting a reasonable amount of time to get something that I’m going to enjoy. And I’m ready and raring to go back.

Afro’s Chicken is open from 6am to 6pm everyday (unless it’s raining) and is well worth a visit;  the view, the coffee (even though I don’t drink coffee), a bacon and egg roll on an early morning at the beachfront, the very cleverly offered key service for surfers, the delicious twice fried golden tjips and mostly the chicken. Follow Afro’s chicken on  Facebook and twitter and their website.


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