Lush Durban Store Opening

So last week we finally got the Shout out… Durban Lushies were to post their favorite Lush products on the Lush Twitter or Facebook and they would receive an invite to the opening of the Durban Lush store. Now we had first heard that Durban was going to get a Lush store in the last few months of last year so I have been waiting with absolute baited breathe for the store to finally open.

Well tonight (Wednesday 12th of March) the store opened, even with some renovations not 100% correct, the wonderful Lushettes (that’s what I’m going to call the people who work there) didn’t want to push the opening and the special opening event back because of a few minor details, which of you didn’t know they weren’t right you weren’t going to know that they were wrong. (If you get my drift)

Anyway the shop is situated on the Clicks side of Gateway, it’s beside Gerald Wells hair salon. It is well sized but tonight as it was the opening it was pretty crowded, there were times when you couldn’t really move because of the amount of people, but hey, the more the merrier… You can only have an opening event once! If you are lost trying to find Lush, use your nose as they are the most amazing smelling shop and it carries down streets, shopping malls and pretty much anywhere. In fact in the UK and Europe I knew when I was coming upon a Lush store simply by the smell.

The boarded up front door. (One of the things that weren’t finished)

Our first glimpses inside.

On arriving and having our names ticked off ‘the list’ it was in through the doors and into the room of plentiful smells… We were handed a goodie bag with a Big Blue bath bomb, and Fresh Matters a magazine/ catalogue of Lush’s products as well as some of their history, their usage of natural fresh products and support of charity and their treatment of animals ( they are against testing on animals – although with how divine their products are I would volunteer to be tested on at any time!)
We were then treated to champagne or fruit juice, fruit kebabs, mini mushroom burgers, mini tomato and bean bunny chows, halloumi and tzatziki bites and for dessert… Gorgeous baklava in plain and chocolate varieties.

The store is setup so well, beautiful packages, abundant products, testers every where and although they haven’t yet received all their products but you get the sense that when they do it will just be phenomenal. They were missing some of their ‘made fresh’ products which are stored on ice normally… Well that’s where the champers was for the night (great multi-tasking area 😉 )
There are sinks and bowls of water for you to test any product and then rinse off, in fact the staff are so amazing that they give you a massage while trying out the product on you… Mini massages with the massage bars would have been even better if they were on your back not your hands/arm but they are tempting enough for me to have bought a massage bar.

The store once most of the shopping had died down.

The staff are AMAZING, they know their products and ingredients very well, try are so friendly it was like meeting up with a long lost friend. In fact I didn’t really want to leave because I truly felt like we made friends. Promises were made of coming back to the shop for a face mask and to try the hair shampoo bars, I joked and said we would have a sleep over, I would come in my PJ’s and we could try any and every product in the store.

Now onto the price, Lush is not the cheapest of shops, I broke a bank account placing an online order before Christmas (yes, reviews will be in soon). But when you look at pure value for money Lush makes sense, they have shampoo bars (which look like soap macaroons) for roughly R100 which you can use up to 80 times(!), the 50g Sweetie Pie shower jelly is R55 and can be used as a soap or a shampoo. The R90 Fun soap (it’s like play dough for the bath) can be used in 4-5 different ways! The bath bombs and bubble bars which are roughly R50 each can be broken up to be used as many times as you have pieces (I feel 4 times is best). So the value is really there in the products, they are also so much more fun than normal toiletries. Stunning gift packs are available which although might be slightly more than what your willing to pay but they are made up of amazingly grouped products and are great value.

The beautiful gift packs.

All in all it was a wonderful night hosted incredibly well by the Lush Durban and Cape Town team. I was on a strict budget and came in under budget (even with buying three products- bonus!), I purchased a slice of Honey I Washed the Kids (honey based soap), a dragons egg (bath bomb complete with sparkles and confetti) and the Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar (an amazingly spicy cocoa butter based bar). As I was about to leave I pointed out the very sad looking Stepping Stone foot scrubs that had been squashed instead of the testers, two seconds later I was given a sample pack of the scrub from the destroyed ones. What a wonderful surprise! I now have a wishlist a mile long so it is a store that may break my budget each month! Make sure you visit next time you are in Gateway!

If you would like to see more photo’s from the event and hear another Lushies experience make sure to check out Nicola’s post on her blog; Run on Coffee.


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