Review: Olive and Boabab Soap – Rain Africa

So my amazing friend bought me a wonderful Christmas present from Rain Africa. Yes, I know Christmas was roughly three nearly four months away but I have a confession…

I… am… a… toiletry… hoarder… Whew! That was a tough one to get out. Yes, I have way too many toiletries, in fact I probably never need to but another shower gel again for at least three years, shampoo and conditioner (aside from someone ‘sponsoring’ my every need with products) I could last for about a year, toothpaste I have about five to six tubes and only really finish a tube in 6-10 weeks (depending on the size).

Anyway now that my dirty (or clean) little secret is out I can carry on…I’m only getting around to using some of the products now by choice and so I have chosen to use the Rain Africa Baobab and Olive bar soap. Firstly let me remind you how much I love Rain. They are handmade using natural ingredients in an upliftment-styled business, in other words, they are helping people every time you or I buy an item and by them helping it means that you are helping. I love businesses that uplift, I firmly believe we need more businesses to step up to the plate and give back.  I mean you just have to look at their corporate promises to know that they truly help people!

Onto the soap, I’m not really a bar soap type of person, I find that bar soaps actually dry my skin more than shower gels and I honestly used a bar soap for the first time in probably 10 years this past Christmas and only because it was a Lush soap. Saying that though I am becoming more open to using bar soaps simply because there has been so much progress in making soaps naturally that don’t dry your skin. I have also loved every other product that I’ve gotten from Rain Africa so I kinda knew I would love this.

This soap according to is;

A 100% pure natural old fashioned handmade soap containing rosemary essential oil. Create a foamy lather all over your body while in the bath or shower and then rinse off thoroughly. Contains oils of baobab, olive, coconut, sunflower and palm.


The definite truth in this description is the foamy lather, seriously this soaps lathers better than some expensive shower gels I’ve used. I’ve used the bar by itself as well as on my ‘poofy-shower-thingy’ and it is a great lather, spreads easily, foams (way!) too easily and it’s LOVELY!!! Although the bar is a dark blue-black it somehow gives off the cleanest white foam which is rich and creamy. I honestly feel super duper clean and fresh after using this soap, I find some soaps oftern leave you feeling a bit ‘grimy’ like there are too many products in them, this one leaves me feeling spick and span!

So the big question is… Do I feel like it dries up my skin?? Yes and no, there is an initial tightness to my skin once I have washed off all the bubbles but soon afterward my skin is back to its normal collagen-filled feeling. The smell of this soap is more of a masculine, African-y, earthy, herb-y smell so it won’t suit someone who is looking for something that is sweet or fruity smelling. The smell actually reminds me of ‘old-school’ home made soaps (which I guess it kinda is) and brings me back to bath times when I was a little kid and had run out of bubble bath. I do find that the soap gets very waterlogged and actually has small slivers that ‘break’ apart while I use it – but this may just be because my soap dish in my shower doesn’t drain water very well.

Another thing that I’ve noticed about this soap, it has a slight ‘grit’ to it, almost a light glitter or salt scrub, I figured at first that this was an added ‘exfoliating’ quality that is included in the soap, but I haven’t actually seen anything advertizing it or anyone mention it. I actually like the addition of this texture in the soap, other people might not but again I feel like I’m exfoliating my body as I’m washing with it. After several uses this texture seems to wear off and you are left with a ‘normal’ soap bar texture. My mom has also been using the soap, I recieved two in the pack, and she also has enjoyed using it. She agrees that there is a great lather, a ‘old-timely’ smell and also noticed the slight texture to the soap.

So, the big question… If I hadn’t received this as a gift would I purchase it?? Yes, I also wouldn’t hesitate to get this as a gift for someone. I’m really enjoying using it and I think I will miss it once it is finished.



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