The Fake Invisibobble…

Ok… I’ve just seen that this silly little blog post has been waiting in my drafts folder since December! I thought I had posted it… So the first part of this post was written in December but I’ll chime in at the end and let you know an update…

So I Posted here about how I was putting an Invisibobble on my Kalahari wishlist… Well… I was at a cheap Chinese store on Wednesday and saw a few ‘fake’ Invisibobbles and quickly whipped them up… they had a few plain colors as well as some designed one’s, hey… at R5 each it makes it even cheaper than R80 for three that they are retailing at Kalahari and goodness knows what price elsewhere.

Basically the point of the Invisibobble, and I’m sure these to is to keep your hair up (bun or ponytail) without damaging your hair…. you know that wonderful kink that you get in your hair when you have a normal hair elastic?? Well you won’t get that with this. It is also looser than a normal hair tie and so won’t give you headaches or pull your hair out when you are taking your hair down.

I will admit that one of the nice things about it is that it doesn’t soak up water like a normal hair tie…have you ever had one on your wrist while you shower or bath and then it’s soaking for the next 8hours?? Well as this is plastic it doesn’t do that. Another plus to me is that when you wear it on your wrist its loose enough that it doesn’t cut of the circulation in your hand and it’s even encouraged as it looks like you’re wearing a bracelet.


So I’ve been wearing this kind of hair band since I’ve gotten them in December, not only that but i encouraged my friend Natalie to get some, thereafter I lent it  Michelle in the office one while she went on a cruise and now literally every girl in the office has at least one… In fact one of the girls in the office bought one for each person in the office.

I must admit these are one of the best hair bands I’ve used, yes, they do stretch but they also reshape themselves when you aren’t wearing them. The only time I have felt the need to wear a different hair band was when I did a half-up-half-down hairstyle and only because it was too thick for the amount of hair that I wanted up.  They are great in your hair, I have definitely noticed that I don’t get the ‘hair-band headache’ from them, the amount of hair that I loose in the hairband is between nothing and minimal and surprisingly the band keeps my hair up and how I want it styled for the entire day, or until I take it out.

I definitely recommend these for anyone with long/ medium length hair, and keep in mind that there really is ZERO difference between the name-brand and the generic.


3 thoughts on “The Fake Invisibobble…

    • They are awesome Gen, the little Chinese shop in Hillcrest has them – that Oriental Gifts place that’s just down from Chateux Gateux.
      They’ve honestly changed my life… and if and when you don’t have your hair up, they look cute as a bracelet.
      X Hope you’re well.

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