Twelve days of Christmas

So I wanted to have a little fun with Christmas… and decided to answer twelve questions about Christmas… you know after the song the twelve days of Christmas… These cover how my christmas’s were as a child, how they are as an adult, what I look most forward to and also how I plan to celebrate in future years when surrounded by family… kids, nephews, nieces etc…


T’was a few weeks before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a cat… okay well that doesn’t work but here are the twelve questions I want to answer about Christmas…

1. What is your earliest Christmas memory?? Probably my earliest Christmas memory would be getting a barbie for Christmas and Christmas dinners in 30/40 degreee weather, time in the pool and more!

2.What one toy/ gift can you remember through out all your Christmases?My most treasured Christmas memory would be the amazing plethora of presents that my Gran Aka Nana would get for my brother and I. My favorite year would be the year we each got a movie, books, toys, treats and clothes wrapped in one presents… the movie you ask? Aladdin and The Lion King… Yes, she probably did start my love of Disney.

3. What do you/ your family usually do to celebrate Christmas? As we live in South Africa, where Christmas is ALWAYS HOTT(!) we usually try to do all the cooking either the day or the night before so that the house isn’t too warm on the day. We also ALWAYS go to church first thing in the morning, presents are left till after church, my mom makes the best mince-pies so those are always flowing freely. When we were kids we did spend a lot of time in the pool on Christmas day, now we prefer watching a movie as a family, which is followed by the parents falling asleep on the couch.

4. How many days before Christmas does your decorating start? Unfortunately my mother is of the belief that your Christmas decorations go up 12 days before Christmas and are taken down 12 days after Christmas. I’m slowly trying to get this to the first of December… because otherwise it doesn’t really feel like Christmas.

4. What is on your favorite Christmas menu? Mince pies, Triffle, roast lamb, roast pork, gammon… you name it, it’s on it… we usually do a gammon and lamb on Christmas and then a pork on New Years… as always there is WAY too much food but it lasts us for ages afterward…

5. Have you ever had a white Christmas? I’ve been so privileged, I’ve spent a Christmas in Ireland where my Christmas wish came true and I got snow on my birthday and a Christmas in New York (yes, I know…) It was freezing and cold and snow is wet, and all you really want is a huge fire to warm the room… hence all those beautiful Christmas pictures with blazing fires…

6. What traditions will you continue on with your family (or future family)? I’m definetly going to carry on the fun Christmas’ that we had as a child… with kids in the swimming pool and fun toys to play with. But I also ADORE the idea of doing an ‘elf on the shelf’, like seriously have you seen the cool stuff families do for their kids with this…

7.Can you name Santa’s reindeer’s names? (without googling??) On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen, on Cupid on Comet, on something and Blitzen… Whoops! Missed one… and no it’s not Rudolph…


8.It’s 5am on Christmas morning where can you be found? Still to this day… under the tree waiting for everyone to wake up so that we can go to church and open our presents.

9. Did you ever sneak a peak at your Christmas pressies when you were younger or now? YES! I was terrible at this. One year I literally found the whole black bag full of presents that I wanted and so ruined Christmas by knowing what I was getting. I also had a great method of fiddling with the sticky tape enough that I could open up and reseal a pressie without anyone knowing… basically I’m super bad at this… so don’t leave any pressies lying around…

10.What would you love to get this year for Christmas? Oh wow! I have a wishlist that is literally a mile long… these aren’t just Christmas wants but future wants.. I’m slowly ticking items off the list… But I would love some Stila products, some good brushes, and I really would like some good quality simple stud earrings with either a little diamond or a cubic zirconia in it (preferably white gold or silve). I also wouldn’t mind adding some new charms to my Thomas Sabo bracelet…

11.What does Christmas mean to you? Being a Christian Christmas means a lot to me. It’s not about the presents, the time with family, the wonderful trips that we’ve had, the things that have happened during the year. It is a time to devote a full day to remembering Jesus, his birth and his life and what he has done for us. I know everyone is not a Christian and so won’t feel the same, but to me… That is what is most important about the day…


I thought it would be a little fun to tag a few people with the same questions… yes, I know tags went around and it means that you have to plan a specific post, but I don’t think my questions are too hard to answer… And if you don’t feel like answering then that’s cool too… If you want to carry on tagging people then feel free 🙂

I’m tagging

1. Coral @cupcakemummy

2. Heather @heatherdebruin

3. Nicola @NicolaLMeyer

4. Gaelyn @anewweigh

5. Bronwyn @BronwynH1981


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