Kalahari sells makeup??

Holy underpants batman! I’ve just noticed the Kalahari as in the Kalahari.net (click, click, ding dong… remember??) is selling health and beauty stuff… this may just change the balance of my e-bucks account…. Are you kidding! I can now buy all the Stila I want with the E-bucks I’ve been saving for the past year and a half.

Of course they don’t just have Stila, they have Yves Rocher, beauty box, Dr. Organic, Oh Lief and I’m sure more in the next coming weeks… how long has this been open??

So what is on my wishlist??

Definitely these items…

invisibobbleThe invisibobble… I saw these online the other day and HAVE to try them… the non harming hair ‘tie’

stilaStila Palette: In the Light, Stila One Step and Stila lip glaze in Grapfruit… I have been drooling over these three products for the past few months…. hopefully if I don’t get them for Christmas they will make their way into a sale in the new year… #holdingthumbs


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