Chinese Red Braised Pork or Chicken or Beef…

So… this is going to be my very first cooking post… and let me tell you this is a winner! I learnt this recipe at my Chinese cooking class that I spoke about here, and it is lick-your-lips-and-make-a-double-batch-yummy! In other words It is so good you’re going to want to use it again… I know most people think that different styles of cooking are incredibly different to attempt but let me tell you that as long as you have the correct ingredients for this meal, it’s very hard to mess up! I would like to that Fusion Cooking School for giving us the recipe for this in the class.

If you are needing Shaoxing Rice Wine, you are able to find it in the food section of your local China Town/Mall or specialized Chinese/ Asian shops. It is MUCH cheaper at these specialized shops then at Everfresh (if you can find it there) – mine was from the Chinese shop in Durban North (Durban) and it cost R17 – so maybe use that as a price reference. ALSO it is NOT rice wine vinegar, it is a separate product called rice wine.

Okay, so on to the recipe…

Chinese Red Braised Meat


1Kg of meat, (pork cubes/ chicken/ beef etc) preferably a tough casseroling cut but can also be made with pork belly.

250ml Shaoxing Rice Wine

60ml Soya sauce

60ml Honey

1 tsp Sesame Oil

1 Tblsp Ginger

1 Tblsp Garlic

2 Star Anise

2 x Carrots (Julienned)

Spring onions (cut finely)

Onion or Leeks

Mange Tout (Julienned)


–       Braise/brown your meat in a pan/ sauce pan with the garlic, ginger, star anise (or Chinese-5-spice).

–       Once the meat is browned add in the wet ingredients, (honey, soya sauce, rice wine) and let the meat cook in the sauce till 80% is reduced.

–       Add the sesame oil at 80% reduction and then reduced further – braise on high for approx. 20-30minutes

–       Add your mix of vegetables in the following order, Onions during the last few minutes of cooking, carrots, mange tout and then spring onions, these should still be crunchy to add flavour to your meal.

–       If you would like to have your dish with noodles then add the cooked noodles while there is some sauce left to ensure that you can mix the noodles through some sauce.

–       If you would like to have your dish with rice, spoon the meat and sauce over the rice instead of mixing the rice into the pot.

You can have the dish either with no sauce and crispy fresh vegetables OR slightly saucey with crunchy veg. I usually make mine toward the drier end of the scale but either is just as good.

I then seemed to better myself with this meal… I had it for lunch the next day on a salad of mixed leaf lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avo and broken cashew nuts. It was SO good… This I did with the drier option, I could see myself making this for my lunch for a full week of meals. I don’t think that it would freeze so be sure to eat it either there and then or the next day.  It really is a delicious meal although it can be a bit salty due the amount of soya sauce – so If you have a problem with salt you can use a low sodium soya sauce or possibly mix in some water to 3/4 of the measure. If you are using chicken, you can use chicken with the bone on or stir-fry chicken, but please don’t be scared because the stir-fry chicken (or any meat it seems) seems to break up almost like a pulled pork does… It is that tender!

Oh and if you think I’m exaggerating the yumminess of this recipe here is my proof that it is so good… after making the Red Braised Pork for dinner, my mother insisted on me making it with chicken there and then for the next nights dinner or lunch… #theproofisinthepudding

oh! and P.s. I’m sorry there are no photos of the meal… It was gone that quickly! 🙂 (Perhaps next time!)


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