Dirty Works – Review

So I bought the Dirty Works facial mask in Vitamin C about a month ago. I have previously bought Dirty Works products for friends as they make the cutest vintage looking pressies! So I was excited to try the new range that I saw in Clicks; facial scrubs, concealers, lip plumpers, facial wipes, eye creams and more.

I’ve been battling with dark circles and some broken veins around my nose, I’ve been told that Vitamin C could assist with this problem as it settles and clears and evens skin.

Dirty Works - Vit C Mask

The description of the product is

One of your 5 a day! Infuse your skin with the power of vitamin C with this brightening face mask for a radiant complexion.
Combines Vitamin C, super fruit extracts of pomegranate and goji with exfoliating spheres and Kaolin to clean away dirt & pollutants from the surface of the skin.

I’ve used the mask a few times now and must admit I’m slightly disappointed, it seems to be more of a facial scrub (hence the spheres and the Kaolin) then a face mask. The mixture is very rough and definitely would make a great exfoliant. The directions also make me feel like it’s not a face mask as it doesn’t tell you how long to leave the mask on for, it says ;

Once or twice weekly, apply a generous and even later to thoroughly cleansed face and neck. Rinse the warm water and gently pay skin dry.

The mask has a slight citrus smell to it, as mentioned it is quite a thick cream and the spheres are rather rough. I think though that this does assist in the brightening of your complexion (getting rid of dead skin does that). It doesn’t sit on your skin like a normal face mask does, as it is more of a cream it doesn’t seem to dry on your face like a face mask does (I love doing the smile test to see if my face mask is dried correctly!), and as mentioned seems more like it should be a face scrub.

I have done this mask a few times now, it is also not a dry mask as in it doesn’t really dry on your face. What I have actually taken to doing with it is using it as a in shower face mask, so I put it on the moment I get into the shower (when I’m having a longer than usual shower e.g. washing hair or shaving) and by the time I wash it off at the end of the shower it should have gotten to work. I’m actually preferring using it like this because it means that there is always lukewarm water to wash the mask off but also because it gives me enough time in my multi-tasking rather than just sitting in front of the TV with a face mask on.

All in all I definitely think this should be more of a face scrub than a face mask, so I’m not sure whether I would purchase this again. Clicks stock this range and  prices are from R29.99 through to R79.99.


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