Restaurant Review – Vovo Telo Umhlanga

So… In the first edition of ‘The Adventures of Summer and Winter.…Kidding (hope you read that Seeps…) Seeps and I had a delicious breakfast at Vovo Telo in Umhlanga two weeks ago. I had heard of Vovo Telo just before it opened and heard that it was amaze-balls… It is of course styled after it’s JHb and CT (I think) brother and sister stores, It has a wonderful relaxed atmosphere being in Umhlanga village it is of course front and centre for the trendy and cool. It’s opening week here Trevor Noah was also in town and guess who was then photographed the next morning at Vovo Telo??

Let me set the scene, not only does the restaurant have gorgeous interior decor but it’s got a lovely deck with outside seating for those who would like to soak up the sun… in Durban in Summer this will be popular. The front left hand side of the restaurant has the fresh bread section, delicious  breads; olive sticks, ciabatta’s, cheese loaves, and more. behind this is the kitchen where the breads are made, I think the kitchen for orders is back here too. On the right had side of the restaurant are the barista’s and pastries… these include humongous Pain Au Choclates, Cheese and ham pastries, take away baguettes, almond pastries, custards slices… wow! there were so many I can’t even remember!!!

Our waiter,  Sandra was one of the nicest waiters I have EVER had. She cared about each order and person, at each of her tables she either knew her customers or took the time to get to know them.

The food was amazing! I’m a big fan of food, lets face it without it most of us wouldn’t be here… sarcasm, I know. But seriously the food was good! I had the Chicken Liver Bagette with Rocket and Emmental (I think it was Emmental at least) and it was so good, although I do wish it  was peri peri chicken livers only because I have a special place in my heart stomach for peri peri chicken livers, but it was nothing that a bit of hot sauce couldn’t spice up. Seeps had a delicious corn cake stack with poached eggs,coppa ham and pesto, it was sublime! Even if Seeps did have hard poached eggs (eep!). We then shared a wonderful berry custard danish, now if you know anything about danishes or pastries then you will know that there is one ingredient that is a necessary in a pastry… butter… yes, I know I sound like Paula Deen. But seriously this pastry was SO good, it was still warm from having come out of the oven and so the custard was slightly warm and runny but the cherry on top… was that the delicious Blueberries were so yummy and being slightly warm they exploded flavour and berry juice in your mouth when you ate them.

Ok, now let me let you in on a little secret… I went back to Vovo Telo this past weekend with another friend. Thankfully this time I got the right danish that I wanted AND I manged to get a coconut bread loaf… and they are both delish! I don’t know about you, but I know that I need to get back there to try either a lunch or a dinner, because if the breakfast was that yummy then the lunch and the dinner will be amazing!


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