Manicure Monday – Essie: Jazz

So… I bought my first Essie nail polish the other day… I’ve stood and stared at the Essie stands on my occasions but have never brought myself to buying one… Simply because I could never decide which color to get. In fact as I was looking at the stand this week my friend Natalie (from work) rolled her eyes and told me to just buy the jolly nail polish that I had looked at each time I had been to Dischem. And so I bit the bullet and I bought the polish.

jazzHow gorgeous is this color?!?! It is a nude which I kinda feel like calling a hazel-nutty color (it’s not but it kinda reminds me of one.) It’s quite a dark nude in that on my very pale skin it looks like a gorgeous creamy brown, I honestly really love this color and can’t wait to see if Essie has anything slightly lighter.

Now let me tell you what I thought about this nail polish… I absolutely adore the color, I love that it takes seconds to dry – even doing two coats, I am very impressed that even doing two light coats on my nails there was no color issues (sheerness, streaks etc). I love the smoothness and liquidity of the formula; but there are two things that I hate about it…

1. The brush… I find the brush was way too thin… I know that’s just how the Essie brushes are but I found that it was too thin to do the three stroke manicure on my nails. The three stroke manicure is one stroke on either side of the nail and then a stroke down the middle.

2. My manicure chipped in two days, now I’m not sure if my nails were brittle when I painted them but I can tell you that they were chipping all over the place when I removed this polish and then redid my manicure. I also know that I am quite hard on my nails as I type all the time throughout the day, but really… two days?? I did my nails on Wednesday night and had to redo them on Saturday because they had chipped so badly. Essie Jazz

So as I mentioned I love the color, and I love the formula of the Essie brand, I’m really hoping that what happened to me Is a fluke and that I get the proper amount of wear out of my redone nails. Has anyone else had this problem with their Essie?


2 thoughts on “Manicure Monday – Essie: Jazz

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