ilana’s Open Days

So if you live in the upper highway area of Durban you SHOULD have heard about ilana’s Open Days… what you haven’t… have you been living under a bush? (only kidding…)

ilana Lloyd is a wonderful artist who once a year opens her home for an open house extravaganza of art, gifts, food, fun, and plenty more. I have been to pretty much each years event and she really has mastered hosting and supplying this open house. Opening Night is a must as a lot of the wonderful goodies are sold very quickly, even though ilana is constantly adding more goodies each day, reworking her display and moving items around. This year she will be hosting Falaffel fundi who make the most delicious Falaffel wraps so be sure to be there for one of those.


Last year I got the most divine smelling diffuser (you know one of those room smelly things), and I missed out on the MOST gorgeous bag… I thought I won’t get it on opening night because things were too hectic and bam! the next day it was gone. Previously I’ve also gotten the cutest Christmas decorations – they are reindeer’s with long legs and wobbly eyes and they sit beside our TV each year. There is bound to be delicious Christmas treats, cakes, puddings, mince pies as well as food-treat presents (fudge, jars of cookie, etc). Ilana has got a great mix of items for men, women, kids, home decor, art works (both hers and her art students), clothes, beauty products, Christmas decorations and more.

Ilana also puts some sneak peaks of her stock on her facebook page so make sure to check her out there, if you would like to send an invite to a friend, feel free to spread around the Facebook event page. If you are in the Highway area, I would STRONGLY suggest that you try to get there… I know I’ll be there at least once every second day… So if you do come… See you there!


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