The Adventures of Tilly – The rat without the cat

So since I’ve said that I was going to start writing about my cat, Tilly and her adventures (here) bringing in creatures from the dead of night, she has of course been so well behaved and we have only had one incident… Until this week…

Two weeks ago my mom and I arrived home at the same time, I did what I always do, bags down and then out to feed the dogs and cats before washing out my lunch box and starting to prepare either dinner for that night or my lunch for the next day. Next minute I’m sitting down in the lounge and I hear her saying ‘we have a mole…’ Uhm… Ja,,,, a mole… in the dining room… not good for the ambiance I’ll have you know. Thankfully I had an empty Pringles tin; believe me Pringles tins are the best for catching moles. (Yes, I speak from past experience) I think traipsed to the very bottom of our garden to deposit the mole out into the neighbors yard… so that it wouldn’t be caught by Tilly again.  (oh yes, and Tilly wasn’t home for this episode… but she still gets the blame)

So then we get to the other night… Saturday night to be precise… We (my parents and I) were sitting in the lounge watching The Dark Knight Rises, you know, a Batman movie when in comes Tilly with guess what… It rhymes with cat…. nope, not a rat but a BAT (yes, I think my cat planned that… she may just be malicious like that) Anyway, we all jumped up to battle stations… I got the door… the mother ran around flapping and the father eventually got the bat out… it was a poor tiny little thing… we have no idea how she caught it… but hope she won’t catch another one.

Then we cut to this wonderful Sunday morning, I had decided to take the morning off church and clear up some things, my bathroom cupboard got a redo, as did my slightly messy room. I then went into the kitchen to finish off the soup that was cooking in the slow cooker over night. I need to tell you now that to get into our kitchen you need to go through our lounge and our dinning room. As I was working in the kitchen my dad came in several times, I went out of the kitchen into the lounge several times and there was a considerable amount of movement around. Why am I telling you all this wonderful and weird information? Well because when I finally took some soup and walked into the lounge I was startled by a rat/ mouse/ shrew thing running behind the couch….

‘DAD!!! THERE’S A RAT/ MOUSE SHREW THING!!! DAD…’ Were the exact words out of my mouth… I quickly put my soup back into the kitchen so I could keep my eye on where the creature was so we wouldn’t lose it… I then ran to open the lounge door so we could get it out… My dad then says; “It’s under the couch which do you want to do; Lift the couch or capture it on the sweeping brush and pan?” My response was of course; “I’ll stand on the deck and be out of the way” and so… Wonder Dad got the couch up, the creature trapped and out of the door all by himself and I didn’t have to touch/do anything creature related…

Now here is the crunch… Petra had been home earlier that morning, around 7-10am but when I kicked her out of my room at 10:30 she went out for a good two – three hours. Tilly wasn’t in the house either… So where the heck did the rat come from?? Where had it been while I was sitting watching TV and walking past the couch that we found it at?? How long had it been there? We know that one of the cats had to have brought it in because it was injured… but we don’t know when!! #eeek!

And so there is the first edition of ‘The Adventures of Tilly’ even though we don’t know if Tilly was directly involved… I just hope that it doesn’t happen again… rats really put me off… oh! and if you would like to know… Tilly still has her collar on… so at least we know that Bat and Mole must have been deaf… not sure about the rat creature…


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