Fusion Cooking School

So last week I joined Fusion Cooking School for a Mexican cooking class! Tonight… I’m going for a Chinese class!

Let me give you a recap of what happened… Classes start at 6:30pm, they cost R275, that includes your ingredients, meal and your recipes, all you need to bring is a drink to enjoy throughout the night.

On arrival you are greeted by the full-time students of Fusion Cooking School (FCS), they are there to be your skivvies while answering to the chefs neck and call. The classes are usually relatively small, our class was nine people, but the majority of classes are between 4-8, the largest that I’ve been told about was nineteen! You are seated around a large table with a (very) sharp knife and a cutting board in front of you, you get given an apron for your time in the class,  you mingle for a while and then…. Bam! Your class begins, the Chef (in our case Chef Shaun who owns the school) begins…

We made or helped with making…

  • Nachos (like from scratch)
  • Tortilla’s (Flour)
  • Guacamole
  • Salsa Fresca
  • Salsa Rojo (Warm)
  • Mexican Corn Soup
  • Mole Rojo/ poblano
  • Bunuelos (Mexican Fritters)

They were delish! It was such fun to learn where and why each flavor is used, seeing other options for dishes that you have probably made for years. The corn soup was absolutely delicious! like I would have eaten the rest of the pot if I could have.

We had such fun, and the class was filled with so much laughing! My feelings about cooking in a class is that if your apron is not full of food or flour by the end of the course then you haven’t cooked enough. We had great fun using our biceps to roll out our tortillas, using our fingers to make both the nacho dough and the tortilla dough and then watching Shaun masterfully undress a chicken… I may have had to pick up my jaw off the floor after watching him do this twice! It was also great to meet a few new people, we had the chief fryer – Morne who also claimed to not like braai’s and absolutely love braai’s in the same sentence. Michelle and Andre, the regulars who knew a few of Shaun’s jokes and so made the class even funnier, we had another couple who were rather prim and proper and battled to make the tortilla dough just right… (it can be a little tricky) and then Narina, Amanda and I… what fun we had… It was so much fun that only once the class happened did I decide that I would do the Chinese course the next week.

As mentioned I’m going to be joining in on a Chinese course tonight, supposedly we are going to be doing some sort of duck… So I’m pretty excited about that… because it’s not every day that you eat duck.

If you want to check them out be sure to have a look at their website , they are also a full-time chef school, have a restaurant in Durban and do supper clubs in the evenings. They will be having more part-time courses next year including;

  • Mexican
  • Chinese
  • Sushi
  • Italian
  • Indian
  • Breads
  • Pastry
  • and more…

As you can see we are spoiled for choice here. I’ll be sure to be doing a few courses next year. Would you ever consider doing a cooking course? What would you be interested in learning to cook?


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