Manicure Monday – Wet n Wild

So I mentioned in this post that I was able to get some of the much coveted Wet n Wild make up AND some of their nail polishes. I got the following colors in their Wild Shine range

  • E429D – Dream Poppy,
  • E437F- Blazed
  • and E460D- Kaleidoscope.

IMG_4025 I’ve already mentioned that I really like these nail polishes, and that the colored ones are rather sheer – I  had to do three coats of the orange color (blaze) to ensure that I got the best manicure. The glitter ( Kaleidoscope) makes a gorgeous nail effect, I think that the glitter pieces are too small to use as a glitter polish but they look gorgeous on top of another color. I do warn you though… You need to do the tin-foil trick to remove the glitter coat off your nail or risk ruining your nail like I seemed to. (Seriously it seemed that I took off a layer of the top nail when trying to take mine off without letting the nail soak.)

I find that the brush is on the thin side of the spectrum but the actual nail polish bottle is a great shape for when you are holding it in your hand when painting your nails. I think that the formula although sheer is a good quality one, my manicure seemed to last over five days without a problem, I will admit that the formula seemed to take longer than usual to dry – especially as you had to do the three coats to ensure you get the right color. The color in the bottle looks slightly different when on your nails (also affected by three coats).

I bought the ‘blaze’ color because it looked like a creamy orange-coral but when it is on your nails it is more orange-coral than creamy… this reminds me of the effect that happens at the Catrice stand – the lighting is so bright that the colors look completely different from what you have on your nails. What I do really want to try with the ‘Dream Poppy’ and the ‘Blaze’ color is layer one on top of the other, I think that because of the sheer quality of these nail polishes that they could possibly come out in the most gorgeous coral color.

I think these are great nail polishes and that they will make some lovely stocking stuffers for Christmas, so if you want a good nail polish to use for summer, for during the week, for fun, then you definitely need to put these on your wish list… They retail for R30 at selected Click’s around the country, Durban Clicks stores are Gateway and Liberty Midlands Mall.

Let me know what you think about them!


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