Wet ‘n Wild Make Up

So Wet n Wild finally came to South Africa. I made sure that the moment I realized that it was available that I went and got some. I went to Clicks in Gateway and after seeing a few empty shelves in the eye makeup section I realized I wasn’t so quick off the mark.

I still managed to choose a good selection of their products and was SUPER impressed with the pricing. A three color eyeshadow palette for R60, the cheapest mascara was R39.95, Lipsticks and glosses from R30. Very well priced!

The quality and the pricing make me think of Catrice (you know Essence’s big sister). The packaging that Wet ‘n Wild is in, is very nice, lots of bright colors, lots of sparkles, silver lipstick holders, it actually reminds me of Maybeline’s packaging from when I was a lot younger.

So what did I think of what I bought? Well firstly I bought 2 lipsticks, three nail polishes (I couldn’t resist the glitter), a mascara, a three color eyeshadow palette in nudes and browns and a make-up circle (one of those compacts that you can use for everything, highlighter, blusher, bronzer, eyeshadow etc).

I’ve been very impressed with the mascara, I chose the cheapest one called ‘Megaprotein.” I got this specifically to put in my travel makeup bag and have tried it the past few about a week now It is a very wet formula but it’s not so wet that it drips off the brush (like some others that I’ve had)  I do find that as my lashes are quite long I’ve had to do a little bit of clean up under my eyes just after I’ve applied it. The brush makes this mascara an incredible cheap buy, it perfectly coast my lash’s without clumping and definitely will be on my list to buy again.

The make-up circle I’ve got is actually called a “Mega Glo’ an illuminating powder  in a colour called ‘Catwalk Pink’, it has a sparkly metallic rose-gold/bronze color, a light sparkly  metallic champagne color, a plum color that isn’t as shiny, as well as a light almost mix between lavender and pink. I have tried this on my eyes, as a blusher and highlighter and attempted to use it as a bronzer. I found that this palette doesn’t have the best pigmentation, the two metallic colors are very shiny and luminescent but the pink and the plum are incredibly light. I like the colors but I wish they were a little stronger in color and not in shine and glitter. I do like this product though and will just use it  mainly as a highlighter.


The nail polishes, will be featured in my next  Manicure Monday post, but let me give you a sneak peek… these nail polishes are lovely. They are quite sheer so you do need two to three coats but they dry in a relatively good time. They do have several ranges of nail polish, unfortunately the colors I liked were all in the one range (Wild Shine) so I need to try the others to be sure. I bought the following colours; E429D – Dream Poppy, E437F- Blazed and E460D- Kaleidoscope.


The eyeshadow Trio…. boy have they hit a home run here!! No seriously, I absolutely love, love, love this product… can you say amazeballs?? I got the palette in E380B – Walking on Eggshells and I expected it to be so-so, but I love this! The colours are amazing, they are great to blend together and very nicely pigmented. I also want to tell you that these guys are shiny with great lasting power…. like touch your eye shadow after a full day wearing it and it’s still there and come off on your finger too good.

IMG_4027(i know you can’t really see the browbone shade. in the swatches.. but it is a very light highlight perfect for highlighting your shapely arches)

Lipsticks are highly pigmented, last two to three hours, slightly drying and not very moisturizing so be sure to wear a gloss or lip care product either underneath them or on top of them. Out of the two colors that I bought, Sunset Peach and Nouveau Pink I much prefer the staying power and the slight moisturizing that the pink gives off. I do think these are an absolute steal for their price and will be looking into buying a few more.


So mostly I’m super impressed with Wet n Wild, I’m so glad that it has made an appearance in South Africa and I hope that we are able to keep up-to-date with the latest products that are released from the States. If I was going to the States anytime soon I would love to try compare the prices and the looks but I think that in the long run we may have gotten the better end of the deal!

My opinion, give it a try! Have you tried Wet n Wild? What have you thought?


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