liz Climo

Sorry I’ve been AWOL!! I’ll be back from tomorrow with a peak at my Delish Box from the lovely Heather… And also a review of some of my Wet ‘n Wild buys. But for now… Enjoy!

So I’m a bit of a nerd… I think this person might be too… but I’m pretty sure that’s okay because i absolutely LOVE her cartoons!!
Liz Climo Is an animator and cartoon drawer-er… According to her Facebook Biography here is what she likes;
I like robots, drawing on napkins, falling asleep at parties, making up songs for my dogs, and Cheez-Its. I’m an animator currently working on The Simpsons.

She has a Tumblr site that she posts to regularly and I love it. I’ve previously seen her work on 9gag and always wondered who she is and after seeing another post from her on the 9gag instagram page I knew I had to find her. She also has some book compilations of her comics… her comic’s just seem to make me happy so I think I might need to hunt down a copy…

Here are a few of my favorite Images from her;

tumblr_me4ycckZpK1r5ml59o1_1280 tumblr_mewktrqo2X1r5ml59o1_r1_1280 tumblr_mitca6nfqL1r5ml59o1_1280



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