Sunshine award!

So Lauren from Lipgloss Ninja has nominated me for a Sunshine Award… What is a sunshine award?? Basically it’s a way to get to know your blogger friends, you answer eleven questions that the person who nominate you sent you, you then give eleven facts about yourself and nominate and give questions for eleven other bloggers to answer. Now I’m really new to blogging so I feel privileged to be included in Lauren’s great other bloggers.


I must admit that I completely battled with the fun facts about me section, I thought that at one point I would literally just e naming foods that I liked! Thankfully though it seems to be a well rounded list!
11 fun facts about me!
1. My birthday is the day after Christmas, I was due on Christmas Day but I like to tell people that I’m incredibly selfish and so had to wait a day so I could have two days worth of presents!

2. I could LIVE on popcorn, literally there are days that I could eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

3. I seem to collect international treats/sweets/chips/snack food items. I currently have chocolate from Italy, Germany, England, America. I have Pop-Tarts from America, chocolate covered Oreos from Europe, pickle and chocolate covered biscuits from the UK. If it’s something that I like and I want I usually will buy it without thinking of the price tag. I then eat it at my leisure, when I want it not when others do.

4. I make the best spaghetti bolgnaise. It was pretty much the first thing I learned to cook and I love it!

5. I’m very simple when it comes to make up and skin care regimes. I actually use some of the cheapest products and toiletries around and they work incredibly well.

6. I ALWAYS have a fully stocked toiletry cabinet, literally there are too many things in mine at the moment and I have no idea where to put more.

7. My room seems to be in a constant state of chaos. My desk at work will always be left neat each night but my room… A whole other story, I’ve tried so hard to be better at keeping it neat so I literally have to force myself to do it.

8. I don’t really drink alcohol. The only time and place that I will sometimes drink is when I’m on a cruise. I’m super super cautious about not drinking and driving, and besides I don’t really like the taste of alcohol so it makes no difference to me. It doesn’t stop me having a barrel of laughs and having fun.

9. Once one of our cats brought a snake into the house and killed it, leaving it in the lounge. I woke up and went through the lounge to the kitchen for breakfast, saw it, had a freak out in my head and left it for my dad to clean up. I’ve done the same with some rats, and so the rule goes; I do ghekos, hair balls and other stuff but he has to do rats and snakes.

10. I am a completely animal lover. I love animals, I currently want to go to a cheetah rescue center in Ladysmith because you can have cheetah interactions. I desperately want a Boston Terrier puppy but am not home enough to get one. I have a rule though, it applies to rodents, snakes and other more ‘vicious’ animals; if the animal is yours and you let me play with it that’s fine, I’ll be okay and won’t be freaked out, the moment it is a wild animal, I get very skittish! So if you have a pet snake named ‘fluffy’, I’ll play with fluffy and hold it, no problems, if wild fluffy is making his way in my window… I will scream and run and freak out. I think it because I don’t know what the animals history is, so I don’t know what his next move is.

11. I have a past addiction to earrings, literally I probably have easily over 100 pairs. I used to love wearing earrings every day, not so much anymore but I still have most of them.

Now, on to the questions from Lauren;
1. What is your happiest memory?
Wow!! That’s a tough one right off the bat! I have so many, I’ve lived a very fortunate life, definitely top three are;
A. Going to Ireland for the first time
B. Disneyworld and meeting Mikey mouse, I was 25 and nearly bawling when I glimpsed his big head through the crowd
C. My Italian holiday in 2011, I had always always wanted to go to Rome and Venice… #dreamcometrue

2. Why did you start blogging?
I’ve only started blogging recently, I had always admired several international and South African blogs. I thought if other people could do it, I could… Hopefully a little differently too! I’ve really enjoyed it so far and it has been another way for me to express my creativity.

3. What is your favorite part of blogging?
Well… I do like giving my honest opinion… Like when I told people that I thought the Nivea In-Shower moisturizer might leave your skin feeling rubbery like a manatee! But I also like that I can write about pretty much anything…

4. What is your favorite thing?
In the world?? I don’t know?? Can I choose my family? Because I know I can live without a lot of material things but I would miss them like crazy!

5. Where is your dream vacation spot?
Aaahh! There are so many!
I want to go back to America and travel around riding as many roller coasters as I can (and visit Disneyworld again), I also would like to do a cruise in the Bahamas/ Caribbean again especially if it’s on one of the big ships!

6. If you were a drink, what would you be?
Chocolate super moo… Or water… Or home made lemonade…

7. If your life were a sitcom what would your theme song be?
Built to Last by Melee

SUCH a gorgeous song, I always thought it would be a great wedding song… Or…

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous by Good Charlotte,

not because I’m rich or famous but because I just love it.

8. You are hosting a celebrity dinner party, who would be attending?
Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Coco Rocha, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Pine, Tyra Banks, Robin Williams. Jip, that’s about it…

9. What are you looking forward to?
Christmas and my Birthday!!
I already have a list that I’m working on for both of them, so hopefully I get a few things off there. But I also just love that time of year, most people are happy, it’s time to spend with your family and time to celebrate.

10. If you could own one item for the rest of your life, what would it be?
The Internetย  and any device, no matter how slow, old or obsolete the device – whether it be a cellphone, ipad, computer or a new fangled hologram that you look at in the glass of your glasses… which I suppose would be just like Google glasses… with that you you could pretty much do anything in the world, or know/ read/watch/listen to anything, you would never be bored!

11. Do you have any hobbies?
I enjoy going to gym, taking walks on Durban beach front, crafting, beading, traveling,cooking, baking, shopping, reading. Whew!

Ok, so now I have to select eleven bloggers, I’m not sure if I even know eleven bloggers who will do this but I’ll try!

1. CupCake Mummy from Cupcakes & Sailors
2. Gen from Wannabe Poet
3. Luzanne from Pink Peonies
4. Heather from Femme Lifestyle
5. Roxy Pearce from City Girl Searching
6. Kylea from The Fur Monsters Diaries
7. Imka from Glamourous Glitters
8. Loren from Hello Minkys
9. Camilla & Jules from All Dolled Up
10. Heidi from Bits of Sunshine
11. Faye from Sparkling Labyrinth

My questions for you the other bloggers are;
1. If you could choose to move your birthday would you??
2. Do you know the difference between there, their, they’re?
3. What is your pet hate?
4. If you could learn another language what would it be?
5. What is your favorite thing to ‘pin’ on Pinterest?
6. If you could star in a movie what would it be about and who would play your co-star?
7. If you were to win the lottery what is the first thing you would do?
8. Where have your travels taken you?
9. If you could wake up and be anything you wanted, what would you want to be?
10. What memories do you remember from pre-school??
11. What does the Fox say??


13 thoughts on “Sunshine award!

  1. Love this! I absolutely adore reading posts that open up the writers brains a little and you get to know them just a teensy bit more. Your blog is awesome BTW ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh awesome! Thanks for the nomination ๐Ÿ˜‰ Will sit tonight as if I try and answer now at work you’ll be laughing at my utterly stupidity ๐Ÿ˜€

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  4. Hey Jannet,

    Congrats on the nomination you surely deserve hour blog is pretty! I am so new to blogging still figuring it all out hopefully I will get there. I really want as much info I could get so everything can start to flow lol!
    Hopefully I too will start being nominated hahahahaha
    Anyways hope your movember months starts off with a blast! Have a lovely weekend!

    • Hi Telma, thanks for the comment, I too am really new to blogging so am trying my best to bring posts that will be helpful and easy to read…
      Have a great day!

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