Midlands Meandering

So today I went up to the Natal midlands for a friends wedding. What a beautiful wedding it was even through the cold and drizzly weather, which thankfully didn’t rain when we were outside.
If you are looking at getting married anytime soon and looking in that area Willowvale Weddings is a lovely venue that gives that homey, rustic, hipster vibe. We had an early wedding with breakfast and it was superb, an outside buffet with fruit, yogurt, muesli, crumpets, pancakes, croissants and more! And then indoors your usually hot breakfast.
Have a look at their site here.

After the wedding we did some meandering through the midlands stopping in at Blueberry Hill Cafe for some frozen blueberries, Piggly Wiggly farm stall for some fresh farm milk, cream, eggs and delicious warm bread. Then we started on the 45 minute trip down to Pietermaritzburg to Midlands Mall to do some shopping in Typo! It did take us a little longer than expected as we MISSED the turn off to the Mall so had to travel an extra two km’s, make an illegal U-turn (please don’t tell on us!) and go back… all of this in the rain…

This might seem a little excessive but, Typo has come to Durban, to the Midlands Mall of all places first! For those of you not in the know, Midlands Mall is pretty much in the middle of no-where, okay, it’s not but it is not anywhere special… in other words people who shop at Midlands Mall probably wouldn’t care for a Typo as much as we would in Durban. But soon there will be a store opening in Gateway as well as in Galleria in Toti.

If you don’t know what Typo is, where have you been hiding? Typo is the ‘sister’ store to Cotton On, it is basically a stationery and home decor store and specializes in all things ‘hipster.’ Literally when the one’s open in Durban you will be able to count the number of people in the store by the amount of top knots and nerd glasses. But what a joy to shop here! The staff were so friendly and helpful, I ended up piling my arms high and forgetting a basket and all of a sudden one appeared before me.
I’m so excited to use some of the things I got, one thing that excites me most is my Food Snob notebook.


Isn’t it’s pleather cover and fake gold leaf writing gorgeous??? (Seriously, that wasn’t sarcasm there) I love this book. It has two sections, one for restaurant reviews equipped with chef’s hat, Margarita glass and Lobster (how cute!) review options, and one side for takeout reviews, with chicken drumsticks and chinese take-a-way box review options. I love it!! It completely speaks to my inner foodie and makes me feel happy.



So in other words… I’m hoping to try do a few restaurant and food reviews. As always they will be 100% my own opinion and most probably paid for out of my own pocket. I can’t wait to start!!


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