Review: The Fake Beauty Blender…

So I’ve been using a ‘fake’ beauty blender (a spin-top sponge) for the past few weeks and I must say I love how it applies foundation/ BB Cream (Whatever your using) and also how it’s specifically designed to be able to apply concealer as well. What a dream!

I’ve bought two of them now for R27 each at Dischem – which is even cheaper than the clicks dupe which is R60. The original Beauty blender is retailing for R200 on Ruby box! Seriously, I don’t have that much money to throw away on a sponge. At the same time I purchased the one fake I bought a pack of triangle sponges – you know those one’s that seem to fall apart after a day! I’ve used the fakes, with both wet and dry application and have yet to open the package of triangle sponges! To me that speaks highly of how well these knock-offs work. I saw in a different comparison review that the Clicks knock-off seemed to develop little stretch marks and holes once it had been wet and expanded, I’m happy to report that the Dischem dupe didn’t do that at all, it didn’t keep its full shape but both the bottom and the point (the most important parts) kept their shape very well while expanding.

Now, please don’t judge me on this photo, I wanted to show you the difference in the expanded sponge and the dry sponge… and my dry sponge is covered in make-up, but at least you can see how and where to use it.


How to use the sponges, I’ve recently read that the best way to use these sponges is to dab them on your face in an almost blotting motion. I had been passing my time ‘wiping’ my products with them,  and I would like to ‘report’ that they don’t absorb too much of your actual make up, unlike those triangle sponges – this absorption of product is what I thought would be a problem for many people. Instead they do manage to keep you covered, I’ve used a bare minimum of my products and have managed to have this spread around my face very well. With the wet sponge this morning I decided to try the dab/ blot technique and I am very impressed, I used an essence Tinted moisturizer (which I’m not very impressed with as it seems to dry my skin out) and I’ve come out looking like I’ve been airbrushed – in a good way. I will say that as I was extending the make-up down my throat I felt a little silly and felt like I was pounding my jugular, but hey it worked nicely!

I will say that using it with concealer makes life SO much easier. The point is strategically designed to be able to apply in your inner eye area and in your nose ‘crease’ – you know where your cheeks and your nose meet… in there. I’ve found that dabbing helps and then slight dabbing and wiping around your nostrils, depending on the size of your eye cavity you may need to use the point to apply foundation to your inner eye area where it meets the nose as I found the rounded end missed my inner eye just under the beginning of my eyebrow.

So do I think that blotting or wiping is best? Well I honestly didn’t notice much of a difference when I applied, perhaps I’ll need to try again and get back to you. Would I suggest to people to purchase these, yes, yes I would. I find that these make applying products to your face much easier than those terrible triangles. A friend actually mentioned that they go through a triangle a week because they absorb so much product and then begin to fall apart after that time. I do still need to check on washing these, I’m kinda hoping that they don’t disintegrate in the washing process, but you never know… perhaps they will amaze me. Ok, so they’ve amazed me, the wet sponge is a lot easier to clean then the dry one, but they’ve cleaned very nicely, and no tears in the sponge! #yeah

I’m also not sure if it dries up back to the small size again or it remains large once you have expanded it. So I guess I’ll try some more and let you know, or else I’ll write a scathing blog post about how much I hate them… I guess in time we will see…


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