Manicure Monday #3

So, I’m posting this a day late but as they say, better late than never.
I’ve been trying my hardest to take part in #supergorgeousOctober by Alice at @Supergorgeous on Instagram. What happens is you are given a list of ‘themes’ for a photo that you have to take every day for that month. Here is Octobers List;


So I’ll admit I missed a few days, I don’t really use primer so didn’t have a photo that day, but now I’m trying to get back on track…
Yesterday’s post was for Nail of the Day and I decided to paint my nails one of my favorite dusty pinks, Catrice’s ‘Karl Says Trés Chic.’

Isn’t it gorgeous?? I absolutely love this color! But I hate, hate, hate the brush that comes with the Catrice line of nail polishes! It’s short, stubby and flat, because of this brush I find it super hard to paint nails well. Even when I enlisted my mom in redoing my nails last night (I chipped a bunch doing a spring clean), she said that she either got too much on the brush or too little, and we all know what happens when we use too little; streaks, blotches and lines!
Aside from the brush, I love the formula that Catrice uses in their polishes, (as long as you get just the right amount on your brush) the polish is smooth and lasts a good couple of days before chipping – make sure you wear your base coat!
Two coats of polish is a must though and drying time could be a better. The nails that I redid last night still managed to get duvet press marks in them even though there was a good half an hour forty minutes before going to bed AND I even did the nail tap test to make sure they were dry.

Catrice retails for approx R30-40 at Dischem stores, they are the older sister to Essence. They have some lowly color nail polishes and actually have a great, well priced range of cosmetics, if you haven’t tried them out, give them a try!


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