Tilly aka the Rat Catcher

I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned my love for animals on here yet, one of the things that makes me happiest is going to shongweni market and looking at the beautiful dogs that people have… Shongweni Market being a farmers market many people bring their dogs. You see Huskies (one of my favorite dogs- since childhood) Scrunch ice the Boston Terrier (my favorite dog), Pomeranians (and their owner that looks just like them!), Jack Russell’s ( and their happy new kid owners), Yorkies, Harlequin Great Danes (that still try sit on their owners laps), Burmese Mountain Dogs (they are huge black mountains of fur!)

I have two dogs at home, Roxy and Java, they are SPCA specials as we don’t believe in breeding when there are many amazing animals for adoption. They are the sweetest dogs and love nothing more than a bit of attention, but don’t cross them or try get around them because they are protective too. Every time I’m at Shongweni they get their well deserved bone which they run off chomping.

20131012-064242.jpgJava & Roxy

But enough about the dogs… I also have two cats… Okay it’s part ownership they are all the families animals. The cats are; Tehillah aka Tilly aka Tink aka The Rat Catcher and Petra aka petal aka Pooter.
Petra is a soppy farm cat, she is scared of everything most of the time and doesn’t like other people. Seriously, when my brother comes to visit she won’t stick around… And don’t bring kids over (!) Okay she seems to be alright around the brethren now, that’s all changed since August and she had no other lap to sit on (she is a lap cat after all) but she still is very wary of him and won’t go near pretty much anyone else. Petra is a crier… If she hears you wake up in the morning she cries until you either let her into the room or until you feed her… Literally this cat has super powers, she seems to be able to sense when you are coming out of REM sleep cycles. She barely puts a foot wrong, she doesn’t over eat, she doesn’t attack you, she basically smothers you with love. Unfortunately for her she’s no longer allowed to sleep in our rooms or on our beds because she went through an anxious peeing phase, she can be rather dramatic though; she plays with ghekos till they die and then cries because they aren’t playing anymore… She’s mostly scared of cat toys and when she does attempt to play with them you have to be as gentle as when you are hugging your 100-year- old grandmother!


Then we have Tilly… Tilly is another story all together. We got Tilly after we moved houses from the SPCA, she was a gorgeous tinsy tiny little kitten with a big voice. She was so adorable in the cattery that even mother, who swore she didn’t want another cat said we could only get that one… I think she thought it was harmless…
And so after a few issues in her adoption we got Tilly! She was ours, this tiny little furball, I was looking forward to a cat who would sit on my lap or tummy and sleep in my bed like my old cat Zamar used to… Boy were we wrong!! The first time I tried to hold Tilly as a kitten she was a bundle of activity and wanted out so she could explore everything!! But yeah(!) I had a cat to play with!! We tried the whole animal acclimatization thing with all the smells etc etc it worked with the dogs but not with Petra… Petra was poop scared of her… So we tried even more to have them be friends, sisters even; but to this day Tilly torments Petra when she doesn’t get her way or when she wants attention and wants to play.

Tilly the rat catcher… This is the weird part of the story… Tilly is very much the outside, outdoors, only comes home for breakfast and dinner cat. She is out pretty much all day and night… For a while this year we’ve had deposits of daily rat parts or whole rats been delivered, eaten or killed on our rug… (One was even alive hiding behind our dining rooms trellidoor hoping to never see that cat again!)
We seriously have no idea (still) where the hang she got all those rats. So what did we do… We put a cat collar on her with a bell… (That’s where the name Tink comes from) We don’t really like cats wearing collars because they can get caught on something by the collar and seriously injure themselves.
The first night with the collar on we think she caught the one deaf and old rat in the pack; because we had a body the next morning. The next night, no rat, or the night thereafter or thereafter and it seemed we were successful… That is until we had a missing collar… One night without the collar and we had a rat… Thankfully we cottoned on and realized we needed to keep a spare collar around.

The strange thing is Tilly has been through probably upwards of twenty collars!! A few yes,
have broken or fallen off or what have you but I’m convinced that the majority of them are being taken off by someone… We can literally put a brand new collar on her at 7pm and the next morning at 6am it has disappeared?!?!?On her latest collar we have secured it with extra clasps etc but (and this is the strange part) her bell went missing…. Just the bell… The bell that no other mammal unless it’s the five fingered kind would be able to get off because it’s attached to the collar by one of those o-ring key ring things. So I think someone is sitting with all her collars and now some bells and thinking they’ve inherited a cat…

Well if you ever read this Tillys other ‘owner’, a few things;
1. Please leave her collars on or keep her in your house so you can clean up the rat
2. She’s on special food for her urinary tract… So don’t feed her (we have noticed she’s put on weight so put the sardines, tuna, pilchards and salmon down and the clotted cream… no more treats!)
And 3. Ok, there’s no number three but if there was it would be a good one!


So I know that this is probably the most boring post…
But this is a little background of these silly animals I seem to have adopted. Besides I’m thinking of starting a recurring post called The Adventures of Tilly so you need to know whose who and my love of the furrballs otherwise you would think I’m lying!


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