The Bane of My life… currently at least.

So I’ve really been battling with dark circles under my eyes and I’m trying anything I can physically get my hands on to try and get rid of them. According to my doctor and my suspicions they are supposedly caused by allergies… So I’ve been trying to be very good at rinsing out my sinus and clearing it that way. It would seem that I might be being pedantic about it as when I went to have my makeup done at Smashbox in Red Square at the Pavilion they mentioned that mine weren’t bad… I could still see them though through primer, foundation, concealer and powder… so perhaps I am being slightly pedantic.  I will say that I hope to soon find a ‘cure’ or a miracle and that one day I just wake up and they are gone… because to me they are terrible… they have gotten slightly slightly better as I’ve been using all sorts of goodies… they were so bad at one point that I looked like I was bruised!

Anyway enough about that, I want to share something that made me giggle yesterday… I found it on Cupcake Mummy’s blog and it cemented the fact that I think we are perfectly matched for our Delish Boxes!



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