Review: Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser

Ok, so I’m going to admit something to you that is one of the cardinal beauty sins. I hate hate hate creaming myself, my friend Seeps swears by it and has the most luxuriously soft skin BUT I seem to have a great hatred of feeling hotter, stickier and sweatier than I need to especially in summer. Durban has pretty much 100% humidity ALL the frikken time in summer so of course that means that some days you start showering only to step out of the shower or bath and need to take an immediate shower again. This is why I hate creaming, oiling, moisturizing, slathering or whatever-you-want-to-call-it! Cream in summer just seems to add another layer of sweat onto your person… and the end result is not cool.

And so it is with bated breath that I try the Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser, if this works it could possibly change mine and millions of other Durbanites beauty regime in the morning or evening. Basically how the product works is that you take a shower or a bath (although I’ve heard it works better in the shower than in the bath), wash with your normal soap/ gel / wash etc., rinse that off. Step away from the flowing water and apply the In-shower Body moisturizer while still in the shower, once that has been rubbed in a bit rinse off. Dry yourself as normal and get dressed!                                                                                                                                                               Sounds simple doesn’t it, and also very weird.


I thought that it would be slightly weirder feeling on your skin… that your skin would feel weird and rubbery having put the lotion on in the shower, rinsing it off and then drying yourself. Thankfully your skin doesn’t feel like a manatee or dolphins skin, it doesn’t squeak or feel clammy but feels rather normal. I did worry a little as well about the fact that it might ‘gather’ in the squishy areas, you know any rolls, but surprisingly that hasn’t yet happened. I do find that you need to use a substantial amount of the product and because it doesn’t lather don’t expect it to spread very far, I have been using three to four large squishes of product to cover; legs, arms, chest and body, and also need to try turning off the shower when I apply the product, leaving it on for a few minutes and then carrying on and rinsing it off. I also have to wonder about how effective it actually is in moisturizing your skin, I have found that the Dry version of it that I am using with extra Almond Oil is great on my skin, I don’t really have overly dry skin but as we are coming out of winter and into spring/ summer I figured that this would be the best bet to have the best skin.

Ok, so the past two days I’ve turned the shower off and then applied the lotion, then left it a minute or two and washed it off, to be completely honest I didn’t notice a big difference from doing that to slapping it on in the shower. Today I will say I was most impressed with the lotion, I shaved my legs in the shower and applied this afterward, I had thought that this would be the ultimate test to see what this product could do on dry skin and seeing as you take off a few layers of dead skin when you’re shaving anyway. And I’m happy to report that there is a considerable difference, I thought that I would possibly have to apply a cream to my legs as my skin has been so dry coming out of winter, I didn’t have to apply any extra cream or lotion! I’m actually incredibly impressed with that, I think most people would be impressed with that, mainly because we know how dry our legs can get when you are in winter and shaving your legs.

I will say one thing, I absolutely abhor that bottle that it is in! It is too big and chunky and because it is an upside down bottle design if you don’t take all the product off the top it then squishes onto the lid – another thing i hate is a dirty product lid! I read on another blog where someone suggested that a hook or rubber sucker so that you could squish it onto your shower wall would be nice – I completely agree!

This product retails for between R30 – R40 ZAR depending on the size of the bottle you are buying, it is available in Clicks and Dischem stores and I’m sure other stores that stock Nivea will have it in ASAP. Would I say this is worth it, yes, to me if it cuts the time I spend getting ready in half then it is definitely worth it and worthy of my money.


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