New Friends Time

I mentioned in this post that I had signed up to an international friend and present swapping called The Snail Mail Collective (read more about it here), I’m even MORE excited to tell you I’ve also managed to wangle my one into Lipglossed Ninja’s Delish Box! And I’ve received both of my swap buddies details… Funnily enough Cupcake Mummy AKA Coral and I were checking out each other’s blogs at the EXACT same time! And it seems we have a bit in common, she has a wonderful blog and I’m hoping that I can find her something super amazing because from the sounds of things she needs some spoiling – as we all do! You can find Coral’s blog here… PS she seems AMAZE-BALLS!

My other partner is an American lady named Kylea, I’ve popped her an e-mail and am waiting for her to get back to me. As I mentioned in my previous blog post it may be hard to send her something with an autumn theme because we actually don’t experience seasons here in Durban. But hopefully I can come up with a GREAT option! Kylea has just moved her blog so It seems I have to blogs to look and see and try get some ideas of what to send her. Her blogs are here and here.

Yeah! I’m SUPER excited to stalk both of these girls on facebook, blogs and instagram and to try and find the most perfect pressie for them. Don’t worry I will be doing a post of each pressie and why I sent that…. oh and I’ve signed up for a secret Santa edition that Cupcake Mummy is hosting… I may have been bitten by a bug!



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