Trail Running

So, I am by no ways, shape or means a runner… Like seriously I would injure myself if I had to seriously run… Or die from over exertion… But I have done two things that kinda make me feel like I should attempt to run in the future… I then thought my brain was taken over by aliens! Seriously, me run…

So what have I done..
I’ve joined a Running Clubs scratch club group… What is scratch club, it is a group of people that walk or run together on a twice weekly basis that is aimed at getting people fit, loosing weight and able to run… Like I said I’m not a runner so I walk this. So far I’ve done 2 x 4km walks and 1 x 2km (which would have been 4 if you count walking there and back).

Oh, besides that I have been actively going to gym pretty much everyday the past week… With scratch club that’s two days with two workouts in a week… Yes, someday so do nearly die!!

Then on Sunday I supported my brother and friend Amanda while they took part in the Spur Challenge Trail Series, trail running. They do a 5km and a 12.5km route. Danny and Amanda did the 5km in approx 37 min… Not bad at all. The camaraderie at the event wasn’t the best, as Amanda mentioned only the ladies congratulate each other but they are so well run and organized that they seem fun. Also the fact that there are several prizes for runners including spot prizes! For instance Danny rock, paper, scissored and won a pair of Adidas shoes 😀
Boy was he happy!

The next edition of the Trail series is at Giba Gorge on Wednesday night, yip night time… A night race so grab your trail running shoes, your headlamps and your entry fee and go!!

Ps this is an annual event so…
1 maybe I’ll do it next year and
2 join in whatever year you read this just google trail series KZN


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