Bubble Tea

So, Bubble Tea Company has hit Durban! After more than a month of waiting we finally have our own bubble tea store in Gateway.


So what is bubble tea?
(From their website)

Bubble Tea is a refreshing tea based drink that originated in Taiwan in the 1980s and has since successfully made it’s way across the world- China, USA, Australia, Europe and now South Africa. Bubble Tea takes either the form of a fruity ice tea or a non-dairy ‘milkshake’ tea. The unique and attractive aspect of this drink is the topping which can be either a choice of vast flavored Popping Bobas- filled with pure fruit juice and covered with sodium alginate and calcium lactose (essentially seaweed)- that burst in your mouth or Tapioca pearls that are extremely yummy, chewy and are simultaneously a source of Iron, Calcium and Vitamin C. The topping is sucked through an extra large straw and is a guarantee of a whole new experience.

Here’s an awesome picture that explains it a bit more…

Bubble Tea!


Blah Blah… Bubble Tea shop



Here is a picture of my first Bubble Tea, Rooibos Tea with mango fruit flavoring and passion fruit exploding boba’s.


What do I think of Bubble Tea, I enjoy it.. This is not for everyone… The fact that out of five friends none of them really liked it although all tried it speaks that this might be for the select few. I definitely think that the difference is in how strong the tea is as well as which flavones you mix together. I will admit I prefer double Bobbas in mine, so chewy and exploding bubbles… I think it adds to the character of your drink.
Look out for all the hipsters sucking Bubble Tea through their awesomely big straws as the sashay through Gateway…


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