New things!!

So you all know I’m pretty new to blogging, I’ve been following several blogs for ages, I love Jamie from Creating Really Awesome Free Things, Bakerella, Sugarbelle and many many more… I also love a whole bunch of South African blogs, Nadia who previously wrote on CupCake Couture, Hello Minkys, Pink Peonies, Lip Gloss Kisses, Gee Whiskers… The list goes on…

Each of these people in one way or another have inspired me to write a blog or about what or how I should be writing on my blog. Jamie from CRAFT first piqued my interest a few years ago on package pals and I have never signed up, then I heard too late about the South African style parvcel swap Bandwagon Boxes… But now I have chilled my nerves and sucked up all my courage to get involved in The Snail Mail Collective.

Basically what happens is you sign up and have to buy and send a cheap but sentimental pressie to another blogger… Internationally, it also has to has to include a postcard from your country or a personalized letter.
The theme for the October collective is “Autumn Adventures”.
This might be a little hard for me, in Durban we don’t really get seasons, we have hot and HOT… sunny and SUNNY… Beach weather and BEACH WEATHER… So we don’t really have any autumn traditions… I might have to do some awesome digging to find something for my partner.

Oh well… Here we go… Jane pulls up her socks and gets ready to make a new friend!


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