Rain Africa – Gateway Store & Product Review

So I was at Gateway twice in one day last Saturday… weird I know but it’s a long story. During my second visit I went past the Rain Africa store that has recently opened in Gateway. I had read about Rain Africa products on a blog just that week and had wondered where the closest one possibly would be. So I ecstatically grabbed a friends hand and rushed into the shop.

So Who/ What is Rain Africa? From their website;

We create handmade bath & body products and hand crafted home ware with the utmost attention to detail using natural ingredients with African origins. Rain products are responsibly handmade with love and care for our customers, craftspeople and the environment.

I’m sorry that I didn’t take any photos of the beautiful interior of the shop; I know a few other Durban bloggers did and the store looks as marvelous in their pictures as it does in real life. Being a animal friendly, natural ingredients, fair-trade shop they have of course used a lot of natural products- tables are made out of trees root or branch systems and look exactly how they are meant to, natural, like you are outside in a herb garden. What I loved most though was that they also use their actual product to decorate their ‘floor,’ toiletries and oils, fizz bombs, soaps, bath salts and columns of bath liquids, oils and other potions that look delectable to touch and smell even more divine! I can’t wait to go back to get some of their oils, I’m sure the cold-pressed avocado will make my hair glow with goodness and health!


So what did I buy? Because let’s face it, I had to buy something! Well… I bought a few things but I committed the beauty bloggers cardinal sin(!), I forgot to write down what flavors/ ranges the items I got were in. I can of course tell you what scent they give off.

  • – Shower Fizz bomb – Lemon/ Citrus
  • – Body Butter Bar – Citrus
  • – Bath Salts – Rock Mint

All2 - small

Shower fizz Bomb – Lemon/ Citrus Shower Fizz - small

At present the Shower Fizz Bomb in in the bottom of my shower and I am loving the smell that it is giving off It smells quite strongly of Lemon Verbena and also of Lemon Grass so I’m pretty sure that is the essential oils that they have added in. I’m not sure if there are any health benefits other than making my shower and me smell nice, but her, that’s all I need in my shower. I love that I can get the same smell/ feeling from this as when you would normally use a bath bomb! For me who usually showers that makes me feel like someone cares about us showerers… The shower bombs were around R17-22 if i remember correctly and they had three flavors, as I am a lover of citrus i chose this one.
Would I buy the shower fizz bomb again?? Well next time instead of putting the whole bomb in my shower at once I would break it into pieces, this is only because it lasts a few showers but doesn’t look so nice once it’s wet and dried and wet and dried.
Body Butter Bar – Citrus

Body Butter Bar - SmallI love this idea, a solid brick of body butter, made using natural ingredients like Shea butter that melt with your body temperature. This brick was about R60 but I recently discovered that you don’t need to use the whole brick in itself, you can cut your brick into smaller pieces and use these for however long they last.



Bath Salts – Rock Mint

Rock Mint - Small

These might become my favorite bath salts – for someone who NEVER, I repeat NEVER takes a bath, these bath salts make me want to have one every night. The smell from these salts is VERY strong, in fact when I was taking the above photos my blocked nose became unblocked simply by sniffing these.
So I took some of my bath salts and put them into one of those chiffony bags to go in my pillow/sock drawer/cupboard. They smell so nice that I figured I would make total use of them before I use them. I’ve now used my bath salts… What a yummy bath… It cleared my sinus and made me feel so rested and relaxed, I’m not sure if it’s meant to be detoxing or anything like that but it was so lovely and relaxing. Next time I want to have more salts to add to my bath though!

So basically of the products I have used I LOVE them, I would definitely recommend these products to friends an buy as pressies… In fact I need more bath salts as of now!!


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