Fabulous Friday!

I’ve had a great week and this morning my day was topped off by a visit to ‘Brigit Filmer‘ one of the premier Spas in Durban! Yes, I know another spa day, but today was different.


I woke up early this morning after having downloaded iOS 7, my alarm didn’t go off as the jolly thing had to reset. Anyway I set up my phone and then rushed out to gym… Rushed through a super quick workout and then rushed home for a shower before preparing for the spa with Candy aka Yandy and Pam.

We had agreed to go for hydrotherapy (sauna, steam room, chill pool and jacuzzi) at ten. I of course was ever early and so checked out the gorgeous cosmetics… I will admit that I nearly jumped out of my skin when I found the OPI liquid sand and quickly scooped up the white/silver version called ‘solitaire.’
I also had a sneak peek of the gold color which wasn’t in stock called ‘Honey Rider’ what a lovely color!!


Anyway, we were brought through to our change room and put our things in our lockers, changed into cossies and donned our robes to head up to the hydrotherapy area. What a lovely relaxing time we had, first up the jacuzzi for some ‘bubble- therapy’ (as I like to call it), I had to laugh as I seemed to float in the jacuzzi instead of just sit… Also with my cossie on the double layer caught so many air bubbles that I had to laugh each time I emptied and it refilled.

From there it was on to the steam room… Now previously I’ve detested steam rooms, I’m not sure why but they always seem to make me cough… This time I may not have coughed but I did have a few times when trying to talk that my throat dried up. It was so relaxing in the steam room sitting and chatting, and not being able to see for all of the steam.

Next up the sauna… Grab your towels to sit on and relax in the dry heat of the sauna… It was incredibly warm in there and soon Yandy and I were sweating out all our worries and toxins etc.

We had a peak in both the Flotation room as well as the Rasul… Oh how I wish I could have a Rasul! I plan on booking one soon. You go through to a room, you are given mud to apply to your body, from then your room is filled with steam and then once that dissipates the ceiling showers you in a tropical rain shower! Relaxation – yes, totally cool – double yes!!
Also flotation therapy, floating in a pool with goggles, eat plugs and relaxing stuff… Supposedly they use light therapy and sound therapy, it sounds kinda freaky but amazingly relax.

That was the beginning of my relaxing third long weekend this September, this is going to be the nicest one as I’m only having to be back at work on Wednesday next week. From then I only work two days where I’m training a friend to take over my job and then it’s my last long weekend. And the following Tuesday (the first) I start my new job!

I’m excited for tonight as tonight we have PURE: One Night Only happening. It’s the eighth year that Pure is on and it keeps getting better. For more information about it check out Pure Campaign


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