Manicure Monday & Makaranga

Ok, so this is the first time I am joining into Manicure Monday and it’s not even officially for nail polish on a manicure… it is actually for the beautiful color that I got for a pedicure.

I was blown away when a wonderful friend sent me a voucher for a back, neck and shoulder massage at Makaranga Spa a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure when I would get to use it, but my mom and dad decided to have a spa day for my dads birthday and they decided to go to Makaranga. As it was my first Friday of not working (for September I am only working a 4 day work week) and I needed a bit of TLC I decided to join them and to have a pedicure as well as my massage.

And so on Friday the 6th of September we went to Makaranga for a morning of pampering followed by a lunch in the restaurant ‘Nonna’.

We were greeted by Gillian when we arrived, the wonderful manager of the spa and she is really perfect for her job! She is friendly, sweet and knows exactly what to say to make you feel pampered and preened! While we were waiting for our rooms to be readied etc. I was handed the nail polish swatches to go through. Man, there were so pretty colors there but one stood out the most, OPI – Hot & Spicy.

Upon choosing the color for my nails I was then lead into my room. What a peaceful and tranquil environment. Brigit came through to give me my massage, she was a wonderful lady with hands of an angel… or should I say with hands like a German masseur names Helga? She gave me an amazing back, neck and shoulder massage even massaging my head… I LOVE having my hair played with so this to me was pure heaven!!

After Brigit had finished, Candice then came in to do my pedicure. Candice is a twenty something, newly married, Afrikaans meisie who gave me some insider tips on who to next have a massage from and who the best waxer was.

Opi Hot and Spicy - Small OPI – Hot & Spicy

Candice and I chatted for quite a while during the pedi and we both decided that this was the perfect transitioning color for winter – spring – summer. I’m very much a bright color nail polish person and so this was the reasoning behind that, why be dull when we are going into SUMMER! As you can imagine I didn’t paint my nails I have no idea about the brush or consistency of the polish, I can tell you though that Candice did two coats of it over a clear base coat and I always find that beauticians never seem to use as much polish as we do when we paint our own nails. Just a tiny drop on the brush.

Another reason why I love this color, it seems to almost change color depending on what you are wearing and what the weather is doing. In the above picture it seems very orange, in the overcast weather I was in this week it seemed that way too, but on days in the sun it is almost a light orange, coral color and I LOVE that! Supposedly this color came out with the OPI Hong Kong collection, and I have read mixed reviews about people and this color, many people don’t like it as it seems too orange – do I think it’s too orange, no. I think that you do need to look at this color in both the sun and in indoor/ overcast lighting to see the true color that will be achieved on your nails.

How long did it last?? Well I’m typing this a more week after having the pedicure and I don’t have a single chip, break, crack or blemish on my toe-nails. I have also been pretty hard wearing on my feet, gym shoes, heels, pumps and slops have all been worn this week so I haven’t been being overtly careful with my toes. I think I will get at least two weeks wear out of this color without a problem but I will be sure to let you know any feedback about it.

If you would like to see a photo of this color on my toes be sure to look back in my instagram feed. (Instagram: Jane10net)

I would highly recommend both Makaranga Spa as well as OPI – Hot & Spicy.


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