Dear Miley

For The last week I’ve been debating whether to do this or not… I know there is zero chance of anything happening about it… I really want to share my feelings on Miley Cyrus…
This is going to be in a letter format and sorry but no photos or pictures…

Dear Miley,

Firstly, I promise not to call you Hannah Montana; Hannah was a made up character by the media moguls at Disney, a warm, loving, friendly young girl leading a double life. From your recent exploits it would seem that you are nothing like her, I’m pretty sure that’s been the point of your exploits.

Miley, you’ve made two decisions in the past two months which have grabbed headlines; as they say any publicity is good publicity, but I don’t 100% believe that you really want all this attention. Don’t get me wrong you want some attention – the right kind, like the kind you used to get when your mom and dad weren’t divorced, when your problems didn’t overshadow your life. Yes, I’m crying out daddy issues, we all have them at different times of our lives; be happy and feel lucky that by the looks of things your dad is standing by you.

I just have to let you know that even though you think that to strip down and pose/ dance / be provocative is the answer, it’s not. You seem to keep saying that you don’t want to be treated like a child, and it seems that you want to strip yourself of the ‘Disney’ name but how many adults do you see doing what you are doing?? Yes, most of the marvelous ‘Divas’ have pushed the boundaries at one point or another, yes the have danced risquély, and caused havoc in the media, yes it lasted for a while but not many of them have stayed the course of time. Most people would now point out Madonna, Madonna has transcended the boundaries of publicity and the music / entertainment industry by constant reinvention, she spent plenty of years as a normal person before this, building a platform for herself, do you also possibly notice that Madonna isn’t in the headlines ALL THE TIME (!). Also most of the ‘adults’ who are acting, dancing, performing like you are at the moment are have this job in a strip club to go along with it.

Now don’t get me wrong I know this isn’t just you, there is a HUGE media conglomerate who are pulling strings and pushing buttons to make sure that you stay out in the public eye, to cause as much commotion as possible solely so that the money that they have spent to finance your record deal doesn’t go to waste. Yes, the more publicized you are the more albums you sell, remember no such thing as bad publicity.
Don’t let ‘them’ push you around don’t forget that this is YOUR LIFE, it’s THEIR JOB. They will do whatever they have to so that you will do whatever they want you to… It’s all mind games, you please them, they please you.

Miley, there are seasons to this media circus that you’re involved, once you aren’t useful enough they will drop you like a hot penny on a Texas Tuesday without a care for your feelings or your life and then you are left to pick up the pieces; rehab, drugs, alcohol and who knows what sort of addiction, feelings of inadequacy even suicide attempts, all because you’ve been stripped bare and have nothing left to give them.

Here’s the plus Miley, as much as people still compare you to HM, you are a talented person; I know several people who might not like you as their favorite artist but here’s the thing… Your songs are good, and they can’t stop singing them. ‘Wrecking Ball’ is an amazing semi-ballad, it has the musicality to be another hit like ‘The Climb’ (the video for WB was a shocker, really did you need to lick a sledge hammer and straddle an actual wrecking ball with no clothes on?? Oh and how’s about a bra…), then ‘We Can’t Stop’, oh my goodness do you know HOW catchy that song is?? It’s a summer hit, just like the media circus wanted it to be!

Basically what I’m saying Miley is that you are too talented to mess your life up like this, please take some time to reevaluate WHAT and WHO you want to be.


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