Day three… you would think I might have something to say…

So today is day three of officially having a blog… yesterday I tried typing out a message but didn’t really like how it was going so I didn’t end up sharing it because it was kinda lame… what I did then think was that I could take parts of that post and expound on them until I have something to say…  Great idea!

But… I’m not going to do that… I am going to tell you about the horror i have had with my nails this year… what? you say, she’s going to try a product review… yes, I am…

I love having my nails looking nice, not necessarily shaped perfectly or painted the best, but to me there is nothing better than a french manicure or a clean and clear nail polish. I have had some horrific experiences this year with broken, brittle and dry nails especially as I spend most of my days typing away… but it is nothing a little hand cream can’t handle… most of the time I can’t stand the feeling of hand cream on my hands… perhaps I need to make another habit before I go to bed at night of putting on hand cream…

Any way, I have a rather large amount of nail polishes… for the amount of times my nails are actually painted it is a shocking amount! Even though my nails are hardly ever painted I still love getting new nail polishes. And so in my attempt to look and dress more professionally I have tried to keep my nails looking good too… at the moment I’m contemplating getting Gel nails again but I can’t stand the damage it does to them.

And so because of this the other night I painted my nails with one of my favorite brands of nail polish… favorite/ cheap, same thing really. It was the ‘Essence Studio Nails Ultra Strong Nail Hardener’ (a mouthful of a name!), I’ve used this before but found it in my stash and felt that my nails needed a little shine to look a little better.  Essence is a German brand of makeup aimed at young people, I had some one call it a tween brand of make up and thought “If only you knew”. The best thing about Essence is that it is super affordable and good quality for what you are paying, it is available from Dischem, Clicks, and The Hub.

Essence both imagesEssence Studio Nails Ultra Strong Nail Hardener

Here is what the Essence site says about this polish;

strengthens and hardens your nails. quick-drying nail polish so packed with power, you need to be careful: it contains formaldehyde, so you’ll need to apply fat or oil to your cuticles to protect them. use for a maximum of three weeks. apply for two days running, break for one day, and repeat.

Well I usually LOVE Essence products, but let me just tell you I see now why I didn’t keep this polish in the same place as the rest of my stash.  It is a very liquid consistency  and the brush that it come with is perfect for smooth, clean strokes, with no problems and dries in a quick time. It does have a very chemically smell, although that doesn’t linger for very long and once it is on your nails the smell seems to dissipate. My main problem with this nail polish is the fact that it sometimes burns the sides of your finger where the nail meets. I know that sounds like a weird problem, and the other weird thing is that it doesn’t necessarily burn all your fingers; when I applied this on Monday night it only burned on my left thumb nail, but I remember when previously using this I had the same issue with my right thumb and another one of the fingers. I’m not sure why it would cause this burning sensation, I though I may have had some broken skin but upon examining the next day my finger is in one piece!

My other problem with this nail polish is that it bubbles, it seems to dry alright at the time, but the next day you can see actual air bubbles underneath the nail polish and this causes it to dry, crack and ultimately break. What an upset when you are hoping your clear coat will last a few days. My coat this time unfortunately lasted from Monday night till Tuesday night… 😦    Because of this I haven’t used it as the description says, applying every two days for three weeks, so if it does work as a nail hardener I’m not sure.

Would I buy this product again? Probably not, I will definitely try it on my nails again from the bottle I’ve already bought – perhaps it would make a better top coat, and I would also like to see a friends reaction to it but I don’t think I would spend my money on it again.

So you’re asking if it only lasted a day what have you painted your nails with now??

Sally Hansen - SmallSally Hansen – Hard as Nails

I haven’t used this product since my school days but I remember getting the exact strength that I wanted out of my nails. It might be psychosomatic but I feel like my nails are already harder /Stronger !! So that is what I’ve got on my nails at the moment perhaps a little later down the line I will write a review of that, and then we will be able to see a difference, but then perhaps I should also try to use the Essence polish as the directions say to see if that works either.


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