So this is the place where you find out all about me…

First things first, my name is Jane Tennet (yes, my surname is a palindrome and so is able to be spelt both ways and still be pronounced the same) I’m a twenty-something year old who lives in Durban, South Africa.

I have the most wonderful family; my mom, dad and brother (Marian, Phil and Danny) are incredible inspirations for me and I have loved growing up and doing life with them. They have also brought along my crazy sense of humor, my love of all things weird and geeky, my absolute love and endless knowledge of useless information and facts and SO much more! I love animals and currently have two dogs, Java and Roxy, and two cats, Tilly and Petra… I’m only mentioning these now so that you know up front I might be a crazy cat and dog loving, animal person…

Things I love;

Traveling… free things… gym… good food… friends… movies… nature… animals… make-up… accessories… clothes and fashion… TV programs… Pinterest… Instagram… Facebook… social media… Photoshop… wedding and event stuff… pool parties in summer… winter boot fashion… crazy cool things with hair… shopping… and on and on and on the list could go… I’m sure if i stick around you’ll see some of what I enjoy!

Things I hate;

Racism… animal cruelty… cruelty in any way shape or form… crime…violence… pretty much all the things that most people have hateful feelings towards too… oh and Eggs… I don’t like eggs…

So why have I started a blog now??

Well firstly I have tried to start a blog previously, that unfortunately failed dismally as I have like zero commitment to blogging BUT as I’ve grown the past few years I’ve missed writing what I want to write and commenting on what I want to comment on… so now I’m out there in the universe and it’s happening, a reminder has been set on my phone twice weekly to ensure I update and hopefully it will grow to be more than me typing to myself…



So that’s a little about me… if you want more I’m sure we can compromise in future posts…



One thought on “So this is the place where you find out all about me…

  1. Love it Yane! I read the whole thing and my only gripe is that there are no pictures of me on it! Keep blogging, it’s awesome.

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