Fun at Moses Mabhida Stadium

So one of the things I’ve wanted to do with my blog is to highlight some of the places, markets, fun things to do in and around Durban or wherever I land up in the future… So let me start…

Moses Mabhida Stadium

Small Moses (Moses Mabhida Stadium)

Since Moses Mabhida Stadium was built I had been dying to go on the Skycar that they have… It’s kind of like a cable car that goes all the way up the steep arch of the stadium and stops at a viewing platform at the top. Literally ‘the place’ to pop-the-question for a lot of people but also a lovely view for those who just want to be adventurous.

Now before I go any further please bear in mind, I’m not a photographer, I’m not even a wannabe photographer, I am one girl, her iPhone and the app of the moment Instagram… yes #hipster!

   A few weeks ago my mom and I went to the wonderful Parc. Café on Esther Roberts Rd in Glenwood (more on them soon!) and had breakfast, as we were already down in Durban and it was such a nice day I suggested we finally go on the Skycar… also it happened to be iHeart Market as well and I really wanted to stop by… I told you already #hipster.

Small Sky Car(The Funicular/ Skycar)

 We made our way over to the stadium commenting on how it is going to be a lovely day as the weather was so clear and how hopefully it won’t be too cold up the top (due to the wind). We arrived and as usual iHeart was in full swing having a great turn out, as it was 12:50ish we rushed to quickly get out tickets which were then valid for an hour, we joined the queue… Based on the amount of people in the queue we thought we would be waiting for hours and I had a funny feeling that we would be struck by Murphy’s Law and the Skycar would break down either as we were boarding or as we were going up as a person who has been known to be slightly claustrophobic and also slightly scared of heights I squashed any qualms I had of that happening and stayed in the queue…

Small TicketsOur tickets for the Skycar

We boarded after about a seven minute wait… seriously it was surprisingly fast, it turns out that the Skycar or Funicular (fancy name!) takes less than two minutes to reach the highest of highest on the arch. And what a view when you get up there, a 360deg view of Durban, 180deg of beach and 180deg of buildings, houses, hills… They also seem to get a fair amount of people in the little funicular without you feeling like squashed sardines!

Thankfully, our funicular ride didn’t stop half way up leaving us stranded meters above the ground with only a small amount of oxygen… dramatic much? I was then told that the funicular actually goes back to base if it does ‘break-down’ on the way up or down… I know you’re probably thinking that would never happen BUT there were plenty of stories about this jolly Skycar breaking down when it first started operating.

Small - Inside FunicularInside the funicular

So we made it out and jumped onto the viewing platform ready for our view of Durban. And What a view it is.  I’m not going to lie they could have capitalized on the idea of a viewing platform a little better by having a drinks bar or ice-cream bar up the top of the viewing platform, maybe some nice stools and tables for you to sit and relax, but I guess it’s probably a good thing that they didn’t because people probably wouldn’t want to leave. We spent probably about 15 – 20 minutes up there pointing to boats, golfers, trains, cars, kites, market goers, and more… enjoying the view of the stretch of Durban beach front and trying not too hard to look at the railway station on the other side of the stadium.

 Small - View BeachSmall - Train tracks
The different views from the viewing platform ( L – Train station, Musgrave;  R- Beach)

Small - View Suncoast, meMe up the top with Suncoast Casino in the background

We then boarded the next funicular car to go down… let me just say that going up is definitely more fun then going down, it was slightly more bumpy and as you’re leaving the view behind you realize just how high you were.

Was it worth the R55 that we paid…? Well if you pick a good day and maybe take a drink up with you or if you need that romantic view then it most definitely is. I have heard that it does get quite windy and cold up the top of the viewing platform (if you think about it, that makes sense it is after all a platform hundreds of feet off the ground with walls up to your elbows and no roof)

Small - two of usProof that we went up

I also think that it is well worth the trip if you are entertaining visitors from out-of-town, you know when your long lost cousin/ aunty/ nephew makes a visit from some far off land where they earn more money then you and have more leave time.

More details:

Operating Hours:

Monday – Sunday 09:00 to 17:00
Last SkyCar Trip at 16:30


Adults: R55 per person
Pensioners: R50 per person
Children under 12: R30 per person
Children Under 6: Free entry

I would definitely bring friends/ family up there, the plus definitely is the fact that you can grab something to eat at the stadium, walk around the People’s Park, lie on the lawns under the trees and make a day of it…

Oh and if you go on a day when iHeart Market is on then you can bring one of Loophole’s amazing flat-breads or a Qhuma pop up with you.

  Small Qhuma

My delicious Qhuma pop.

More Info:

Moses Mabhida Stadium:

Loophole Flatbread:

Qhuma pops:

iHeart Market:


2 thoughts on “Fun at Moses Mabhida Stadium

  1. Great post, I almost went in the skycar when visiting Durbs in July but I’m a bit antsy about heights, think we must do it next time 🙂

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